Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Bye 2010

In just a few hours 2010 will be history. As it comes to a close, I looked over some of my goals for the year that I jotted down for myself in my iPhone last January. Let see how well I did:

Do for others - check (but room for improvement)
Cook more exciting things - check (but room for improvement)
Bible study - check (but room for improvement)
Prayer time -check (but room for improvement)
Loose 10 pounds - check (but can lose more)
Cemetery hop - check
Genealogy - can do much more
Learn camera - NO
Redo the kitchen - check - very successful
Rick's building - NO
Get rid of farm house - No
Trip with boys - Yes
Trip with Rick - Yes
Trip with Girls - Yes

I will have to ponder for several days to decide what my goals will be for 2011.

Have a very safe New Year's Eve.

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