Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ready, Aim, Fire

Rick and I each had toys that we took out last weekend and played with. Rick's is a pistol that he had never had out of the box. He is going to get his handgun license this weekend, so he decided he better meet his gun. His time with his gun was very successful, the dummy did die.
Analyzing the dummy.
Loading the gun
I also have a new toy that I got to shoot, just in a different way. I probably was not as successful, because I did not nail the shot. My camera has many more settings and features than his gun, which means I have many more hours of practice ahead. Here are my three models - Abby, the cows, and Rick.
Abby is already used to the camera.

A cow getting a pedicure with Henry.
One of the herd.

 Notice my name in the bottom left corner on the pictures. I am also learning Photoshop. Have I said lately how much I love retirement.