Thursday, April 19, 2018

January, February, March... Where did it go?

Here it is the end of March, and I am awaiting the birth of Fitzgerald Carl Davis. I have no idea where these three months went. I can assure you that I blinked, and time moved on. I did much better in 2017 with posts. Looks like to catch up I will just do the bullets to highlight some of the events:

  • Rick and I did a road trip in February to Tennessee for us to see Greg and the girls. Lisa was out of town. It rained most of the time we were there, but it was good to be with the girls after 5 months. Rick helped Greg with a building project in his basement/garage. 
  • We got Bro, Rick Ballard as a pastor, and Tim Posey as a music director. Both are fantastic.
  • Rick and I are helping with the children's program at night at the church.
  • Greg, Lisa, and the girls came home for Easter. Diana had all her kids. We played in the park. went to the church for the Easter Egg hunt, had our own egg hunt and firework show.
  • Tara was put on light rest at 34 weeks so they did not get to come Easter. She had dilated to a three. So her North Texas showers were canceled. 
  • Rick and I went to Houston for the Mecum Car show. This ended up the same weekend that Blake had moved their family shower to Houston. I did not go to the shower because of the show, but we did meet up with all of Tara's family at their apartment. Rick did not get his GTO. 
  • We are still going to baseball games, basketball games, and track meets of the grandkids. Sunday night meals are still a family ritual.
  • Diana and Rick got a new Montana fifth wheel. It is very, very nice. Marlow is sassy as ever, and Jackson has started walking.
  • Jerry came back from South Texas.
  • Rick and I went to Lake Travis with several from the church to work with the Baptist Builders on a Camp Retreat site. We gutted a trailer house, then started building it back.
  • We did not get to go on our Spring Break girls' trip, because of Cheryl's hip replacement surgery.
  • Don Hankey passed away.
  • Brandi took the computer job at the Elementary school for this spring. Mindi and Jeremy have separated. 
Life is going on. Hopefully I will add pictures to this post and will do better the next three months. So far now, God is still good and blessing us daily.