Friday, July 7, 2017

July 4th - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

     This is one of the few times that we have all our family in and out for more than two days. This year it was for two weeks that we got to hang out with the family. Greg and Isabel came first, then Lisa brought Anja to us, but Lisa went back to Tennessee for work. Jenna, Marlow, and Jackson came next, then the rest of the kids came in and out for the two weeks. Basically for 8 of the 14 days I had two babies attached to me. The joys of little children is indescribable, especially with 5 babies under 3 years of age.
The Girls

   Not only did we entertain babies, we did our normal cooking and gardening.
Chad and the Jeep
Highlights were -

  • Taking the babies to McCalisters (3 times) and other lunch spots. People would think that they were all Jenna's babies. 
  • The various friends and family that came to visit and hang out with us. 
  • Great firework shows.
  • Swim time and Uber time on the Rhino with Jerry ("Bub" to Marlow)
  • The cousins together picking on each other is always a favorite.
  • The Willys Jeep
  • We celebrated Isabel's first birthday before they went home (with a three-song concert by David Dunn). 
  • Diana and I got to hangout with just Chad in Plano the last day, before he left town. 

The Group
     God blessed us with cooler than normal temperatures with even a couple of showers.

The Shooters

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Canada! Oh, Canada!

Diana, Cheyrl, and I went on our summer girls' trip. We went to the Montreal and Quebec City area. We did walking tours of both cities. We absolutely fell in love with Quebec City. The city is so rich in history.

Money exchanging proved to be no problem. Because of previous trips and experiences, the Canadian one-dollar and two-dollar coins (loonies and toonies) were a breeze.

However, we did find it interesting and sometimes challenging to speak to people in the different areas. French and English languages are not too similar! The most difficulty proved to be putting gas in the rental car. Sounds like it would be easy, but trying to read those pumps and follow their directions (in French) forced us to sometimes make new friends at the pump.

Some of the Montreal highlights included:  Rue St. Paul Street, Notre Dame Basilica, and the Old Port.

Quebec City highlights included:  Our Lady of the Cape Shrine, the Chateau Frontenac, The Wall, Montmorency Falls, Saint Anne-de-Beaupre,  and the Funicular Elevator (which takes you from the Lower to the Upper part of Old City Quebec).

We had several authentic French meals. I did have to watch to make sure that I was not eating mystery meat. Pastries were my favorite, and Cheyrl and us did get our ice creams several places. Ice is scare in restaurants just like when we were in France. McDonalds was our go-to place for dollar Diet Cokes (which with the Canadian exchange rate was 75 cents US money) and free Wi-Fi, even though most of the time it was slow.

Diana and I were off the grid, so we had to save up our Google questions until we could get to a Wi-Fi establishment. I did keep a translator app on my phone that entertained me for hours as we were driving. I would read billboards and signs, then translate them. 

(Some of this was copied from Di's post and pictures may come later.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Behind Again - Catch up!

Well, I got behind again. I guess I am just "too busy".  That is the line that Rick always says about me facetiously.

So a quick update!

Baseball Fever!
Zach and Peyton made it four rounds into the playoffs - 10 games. Nine of them were nail bitters down to the very last out. I know that you are not to do the "what ifs", but this year we could have made it to the state level - "if only". However, we have a lot to be thankful for. It was a great year for the Gunter Tigers. As always they were fun to watch.
Zach and Peyton 2017 Baseball

We did have to drive to almost the Louisiana border for one of the playoff games on a Thursday, so Rick and I took the opportunity to go on to Shreveport/Bossier City for the night. We stayed at the Horseshoe and played at several "boats" before we drove back home.

The Clairvoyants
Last season we watched "America's Got Talent" and got familiar with The Clairvoyants. So when they were in the area we went to see them. Oh my gosh! All night long we were continuously saying, "How did they do that?'

Memorial Day
We worked out at Brandi's on her decks and porches. Family time with the Fergusons. Chad and Tara came into town on Sunday and Monday. Mindi and her kids played baseball so we did not get to see them.

Canada, Oh Canada - the Ditzy Dolls were not the road again. This event gets it own post.

Hank Williams, Jr.
This was another concert that we did not know what to expect; but as usual,  it was FUN. He came out an sang for 30 minutes without stopping to talk. Then he started talking and singing about people that was important to him along life's way. He is a great impersonator, so as he spoke about one of these guys, he would change his hat or cap and sing a song that made that person famous. He played numerous instruments (the fiddle and piano were my favorite two).  He truly is a "rebel" that can put on a "rowdy" concert with his friends.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rickie Joel Streetman - May 24, 1950

Today, Rickie turns 67, and it is only fitting that I do a post about him. It did take some thought on how to write this, knowing that he would eventually see this. Many things come to my mind when I think of Rick, so these points are in NO order - just random thoughts of the man that took my heart after a difficult time in my life.
  • Rick is a hard-working man. He believes in work from sun-up to sun-down. If he does not have something to do, he will make something to do. 
  • Rick is a classic. He loves music and knows the words to many songs from the 60's and 70's. Also he loves classic cars from this time period. His dream car is a 67 GTO that he had when he was young. He has a vet from this time period, but he still wants the GTO.
  • Rick is a good, kind, simple man. He helps those in need and is kind to animals and bugs. He likes his cows and the land. He does not like those people that think they are important. He likes to wear faded blue jeans, plain t-shirts with small decals or logos - nothing flashy. He wears only a few colors - blue, grays, and greens ( all muted colors). He likes his food simple and plain, not too many seasonings or spices. 
  • Rick is proud of his heritage. He loves old "Gunter" and has lots of great stories of when his family had the hardware store. He knows the Bible. He listens to it by audio everyday. This year is the about the fourth time he has listened to the entire Bible read to him as he goes to work each day.
  • Rick loves and enjoys his girls and grandchildren. He likes to watch the sports they are involved in. He sometimes may be critical - the coach in him comes out. He sometimes acts like his mother and Jack at ballgames.
  • Rick is in great physical shape. He can outwork, move, climb, jump, run, etc better than men half his age. He thinks he is indestructible.  
  • Rick hates change - mainly technology. He does not like phone updates, new operating systems, or new printers. Passwords drive him crazy (and me, trying to keep up with his banking passwords). However, he does love some aspects of technology and gadgets. We have all kinds of surveillance cameras and high tech toys that must be working or he goes crazy. LOL 
However, there is one driving source behind Rickie Streetman that can be summed up in Alabama's song:

"I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)"

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why.

Don't know why
I have to drive so fast
My car has nothing to prove
It's not new
But it'll do 0 to 60 in 5.2.

Can't be late
I leave plenty of time
Shaking hands with the clock
I can't stop
I'm on a roll and I'm ready to rock.

I hear a voice
That say's I'm running behind
I better pick up my pace
It's a race
And there ain't no room
For someone in second place.

The song mentions a few other characteristics of Rick. He is always in a hurry, whether he is at work at TMC, the farm, or home. He drives fast and if you are in front of him, he will ride your bumper until you pull over or he can pass. Last, he does not like second place in anything. He believes in winning - whatever it is.

If you work with him, there are several sayings that you will hear from him that also goes with these other themes:
  • "Hurry every chance you get!"
  • "Can't see it from my house!"
  • I will end with the third one, "It's good enough for who it is for!"
Thanks for loving me and making me smile. I love you, Rick Streetman. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Jackson - 2 weeks

Last week Diana and I had the opportunity to go spend the night with Jenna and Jared to help take this little guy to some doctor appointments. We had a mini-vacation for 30 hours. We had three great meals, a foot massage, and great family time. I also got to take my camera to take some shots of Jackson. He was a perfect model.

Jackson is having to see specialist because he has been diagnosed has having kidney reflux. More tests and doctor appointments are in the very near future.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Great Hanging at Gainesville

A unionist "peace party plot" aimed at revolt against the 
Confederate government in Texas was discovered in Sep- 
tember, 1862, in the North Texas area including Cooke, 
Grayson, Wise, Denton, and Collin counties. Prompt action by 
local authorities broke up the organization in October, 1862. 
Following a declaration of martial law in Cooke County, a "Cit- 
izens Court," or jury, of twelve men composed of army officers 
and civilians was formed at Gainesville. It found thirty-nine of 
the participants guilty and sentenced them to be hanged for con- 
spiracy and insurrection. Three other prisoners who were members 
of military units were permitted trial by court martial as they 
requested and were subsequently hanged by its order. 
This was copied from a document about an event that was hidden for many years or not talked about. However, in my genealogy research I came across this and was greatly fascinated by this. The reason being that it is so intriguing is that my third great grandfather Arphax Dawson was one of the 42 men hung in Gainesville.

The State 


Curd Goss, Wm Anderson 

John Miller, Ar[phax] Dawson, 

and M. W. Morris. 

Disloyalty & 

These prisoners all acknowledged their guilt, giving the signs, 
grip, and password, and were active members of Capt Ramey 
Dye's company. 

All found guilty and hung. 

"There are signs, grips and passwords in the Order which will 
afford protection when the Northern Army comes in, and by which 
the members know each other ["].
Arphax had three sons who fought in Confederate units.  According to a descendant, Ephriam A. Dawson was serving in a Confederate Texas Cavalry unit on the very day that his father was hanged by the confederates in Gainesville . Ephiriam is my second great grandfather. 

Here is a great blog that has many resources about this event:

It looks like we missed an opportunity to go to a dedication for the memorial in Gainesville. On a side note one of the speakers at the ceremony was a History teacher Diana had at Cook County College back in 1976. (Her husband taught my History class.) We will be going to Gainesville to get pictures of the memorial site.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Jackson Joseph Hermann

May 2, 2017
1:47 PM
7 Pounds 11 Ounces
20 Inches in length
Less than an hour old - both mother and son- Beautiful!!

He is perfect in everyway. 
Dad, Mom, and sister are doing great!
Thanks for letting me be a part of this birth and family time.

28 hours old and headed home!