Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Holidays - 2017

Football continued right up till December 21. We did make it to ATT stadium, where Rick and I went and watched three games in one day. After 31 wins, we met at team better than us (Newton). It was a great fun ride. We played in Denton, Springtown, Vernon, and Royce City (two times) for the play off games. Rick and I also went to the Frisco Star stadium to watch two other teams play.

Thanksgiving - since Chad and Tara were here for Ashton's wedding, they went to MccAllen to her grandmother's place. They stopped and visited with Jerry while they were there. We had a meal with the girls at Brandi's on Thursday, and then we had our traditional turkey and dressing meal with the Ferguson's on Saturday. Rick and I painted on one of his rent houses while he was off during the daytime.

Chad in his Meowy Christmas sweater!
Christmas - Jerry came home. Chad and Tara came in. Chad actually came to the Football playoff game and was in and out during the week.  Greg and the girls never came home during the holidays. Christmas Eve we had our Christmas with the Di's family. The boys cooked steaks on the grill, and this was a big hit with everyone. We played games for gift cards. However, during the holidays our favorite game was a game Keelie had that she used to play with her grandmother - Crazy Bee Rummy.  This year I did not get to go to Rick's girls for Christmas, since it was the same time as ours.    Chad and I put together three puzzles while he was at the house. This is always a favorite of mine.

The holidays were fun with all the little ones - Molly, Marlow, and Jackson. When Santa appeared, Marlow's reaction was priceless. We all love our time and pictures with Santa - a tradition started many years ago at my grandparents house before Diana and I were even born. Pa and Ma Henderson may be smiling that we are still carrying on this 60 year tradition.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

There is Going to be Another Davis

I can finally say something - or post something. Chad and Tara are going to have a BABY - A BABY.
Yes, we were all shocked with the announcement - even them. That was the special present at Anja's birthday party; but because they had not told work and other family members. Now for the rest of the news - It is a BOY. The Davis name will go on. The due date is May 12. They are already in the second trimester.

The pictures are from Ashton Lay's wedding.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Photo Walk

Saturday I participated with 35 North Texas photographers in a Scott Kelby Photo Walk. This was the 10th anniversary with 1000 walks world-wide with over 20000 participants.  I was a little intimidated at first, but I got over it. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Stripes or lines

Older than me!

Reflection and vintage

Squares and rectangles.


Some cloning in the processing

Blow out the background.

Evidently I like doors. I did not realize I shot so many doors that day.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Family Fun

On our way home from the sprinkler show, we met up with Greg, Lisa, and the girls. We brought the girls to Gunter to babysit while their parents, Chad, and Tara go to Tech for a football game. In Gunter, Diana already had Marlow and was ready for a fulfilled weekend with homecoming activities, pumpkin farm, and family dinners.

Thursday night was bittersweet, because not only did we all get together, but we sent Jerry on his way  in his new truck and camper to South Texas for the winter. We had all the families over to tell him bye.

Friday, we did Andrea's for lunch and the homecoming parade. Rick and I took the girls to the Sophomore BBQ. We ate with Rick's girls. Isabel went to Diana's, and Anja went to the game with us. Zach was crowned Homecoming King. We had two BLOW OUTS - the game and Anja. LOL

Homecoming Mums made by M.e
Saturday was the Pumpkin Patch and a hot dog lunch there. After naps we went to Diana's house for a meal. This is actually Anja's birthday so I made her a cake, and we had a simple party for her at Di's.
Pumpkin Patch Fun

Antique train from her Dad's day!

Sunday was the Gunter Park. After nap time, Greg, Lisa, Chad and Tara drove in together from Lubbock for another birthday party for Anja. I made her another cake and a meal. More family time with PRESENTS and time with everyone. On Monday I had to take them to the airport, but knowing that the holidays are just around the corner definitely helps.

The Family

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Las Vegas - Sprinkler Show - 2017

This year Rick's sprinkler show was in Vegas, which was fitting because 10 years ago after we go married this is where we went first with Teresa and Roger on our way to the sprinkler show in Phoenix. Our trip was nostalgic in its own way with the activities and shows that we chose.

We flew in on Sunday afternoon and started with the Mob Museum downtown. Later we checked into the Bellagio Hotel with a great view of the fountains from the 20th floor. I was obsessed with watching these every chance I got, and they did go until midnight each night.
View out my window!

Monday was our tourist day. We started off with a tour of Wayne Newton's estate - Shenandoah. Wow! The history at this place was unbelievable and the highlight of our trip. We then drove out to Hoover Dam to see the complete Pat Tillman bridge, which we walked over. Then we went to see the Hollywood Car museum, which was replicas of cars in many of the movies. For our entertainment, we finished the day off with Wayne Newton in concert. He can't sing like he used to, but he doesn't do  the entire concert in music. It is mainly stories and videos of his life with the many people he knew and performed with. It was a great way to end the day. He finished with "I Did it My Way"!
Wayne Newton's historical Red Room.

Pat Tillman bridge we walked across at Hoover Dam.

Tuesday started Rick's work day. We had a business lunch at Margaritaville with the best Coconut Shrimp ever. He worked, and I played. Great day!

Wednesday was another work day for Rick. He worked, and I played. Great Day. We did get in a concert with some friends to see the Righteous Brothers. Even thought Rick and I have seen them several times before, Bill Medley can still sing and puts on a great concert. He finished with "You Lost that Lovin' Feeling" and "Unchained Melody". Later that night we went to the awards banquet for the sprinkler show. The entertainment was a tribute to the Rat Pack. This was another great concert. They finished with "What a Wonderful World".

Our trip to Vegas was great and memorable. It breaks my heart that three days later, the worst massacre in the United States took place right down the street from where we stayed and 59 innocent people were killed enjoying a concert.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Us

Ten years ago on September 21, 2007,  Rick and I were married in my backyard. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was perfect for us. We were surrounded by family. Most people say that we have had our "ups and downs" etc... but not us (unless you count the first few months when he was miserable away from his home - he hates change). It has been a great ten years of marriage that has past very quickly. The saying is that time flies when you are having fun - is oh so true!  Rick and I are now like a lot of old couples - it takes us both to remember something, a story, or a name. What one of us forgets, the other one remembers. what one of us loses, the other one finds. Our families have blended well together, and both sets of kids accepts the step-parent and are glad that we are there for each other. The grandchildren accept us as Papa and M or M.e.

(Picture coming of wedding - I just realized that wedding pictures are not backed up on external hard drive.)

There are several factors that make our relationship so good.
1. We are very compatible with very similar interests. We enjoy doing the same things and being together - doing whatever the task is at hand, whether WORK or FUN! I am his side-kick.
2. We communicate well, ( even though I am getting deaf and it seems to me that he sometimes mumbles) and we do try to meet each others needs.
3. God has always been part of our marriage.

I have to say that these 10 years with Rick have been an adventure. I will never earn the "Streetman" name as far as being athletic or a dare devil, but we have had some great adventures. We have had the privilege of being able to travel and enjoy many sites in the United States. Another one of our blessings is that we have got to enjoy many concerts together. Music has been a major part of our entertainment these past years. Rick is not a foodie, so going out to eat has not been a highlight of our years together, but we have made up for it in concerts.

Thanks, Rick, for a wonderful 10 years. You have been the best. I can't wait to see what the next 10 bring.

Love you,

Monday, August 28, 2017

Bennie Scoggins - June 21, 1923 - September 10, 2005

This is a little late for her birthday, so I decided to be early for her passing away date.  Most of this came from blogs that I have previously written. As stated earlier, she is the reason that I am who I am today.

1. Mother was the epitome of a Christian. She read her Bible, she prayed before every meal that she every ate, and she did not miss church until her health declined. She went three times a week or as we used to say - every time the door was opened, she was there. She did not ever drink, smoke or cuss. Her ministry was to send words of encouragement through the mail. Proverbs 31 was written with her in mind - "Her family will rise and call her blessed" (paraphrased as usual).
It is said that when you are squeezed or down -what is inside comes out. Well good things came out of Mother. The last time that she was in the hospital for a lengthy stay, we were with her almost around the clock. One of the nights that I stayed with her and she was a little disillusioned, she literally said her good night prayers all night long. Every time that I encouraged her to let's go to sleep, her response was that we had to say our prayers. She would say her prayer, and would pray for everyone by name and what she wished for them or for blessings for them. Thirty minutes later the whole process started over.

2. Mother was a great cook, and she did cook a lot of food in her life. Some of the sweets that she was known for are: pecan pie, coconut pie, chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate scotch cake, seven-minute frostings, and banana pudding. We always had a homemade birthday cake with the seven-minute frosting on it with the candy sugar decorations. Anything she cooked it was good. We always had a dessert with every meal. When we were in school, she made our lunch for us. The other kids were envious because we had such good lunches. Also when we got in from school, we knew that there would be a home-cooked meat waiting on us. You never left the table of Bennie Scoggins hungry.

3. Mother took great pride in the way that she always dressed. She would get up early and get her makeup and clothes on. She loved clothes and like to dress up, even if no one was going to see her or not. She went to the beauty shop on either Saturday morning or Friday. She took care of her hair so that when she went into the beauty shop that her hair was still in place. No one every saw her hair messed up. Her old clothes were better and looked nicer that most people's good clothes. When she was outside working, her clothes still looked like she was headed somewhere important. In the 50's she had hats and high heels to match all her dresses.

4. I have told this story many times, but it is worth repeating. One day after school when we were probably in the 4th and 5th grade, Diana and I came in from school to find the china and crystal out. The table was set. Of course our first thought was who is coming to dinner. No! Mother decided it was time to teach and practice our table manners. 
This is just one of the many things that she did to make sure that we knew right from wrong - down to our table manners.

5. Bennie Scoggins believed that cleanliness was next to godliness. I can assure you that our house was never dirty or messy. Dishes were never left in the sink. Clothes were never left in the dryer. The bathtub nor commode never had a ring around them. You could eat off the kitchen floor. Beds were always made. I am sure that you get the picture. This ended up being a blessing for us in the end. When Mother was at the Howard Apartments, she would get up and go outside and dust her car before everyone else got up and about. She did not need to be driving, so instead of us having to take the car away from her; she was ready to give it up so that she would not have to dust it everyday.

Bennie Scoggins, this child does rise up and called her blessed. Thanks for everything you did for me.