Friday, May 3, 2019


I did my ancestry DNA test. Here is what I found out:
Scandinavia  39% (Range:19%—59%)
Ireland/Scotland/Wales  22% (Range:6%—37%) 
GreatBritain 14% (Range:0%—37%)
7% (Range:0%—15%)
IberianPeninsula 7% (Range:0%—15%)
EuropeSouth 6% (Range:0%—15%) 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Brick Wall

Anyone who has done research hits a "brick wall".  Usually it is about a person that can not be located or a person with no documentation.  My brick wall goes back to one of the first posts and that is to answer the question why my great grandparents came to Grayson County or Gunter, Texas. I have found some good information on several of them, but my dead end is still why did Calvin Burgess and Cora Lee (Pierce) Francis come to Gunter. Here is what I have found:

The Francis/Francies Family in 1907 or 1908. (Left to Right), Sitting: Elvin Sion, James Maddox, Sena Elizabeth and Calvin Birdwell, Standing: Homer Guardin, Margaret Edna, Flora Ellen, William Burney, Mary Molly and Nancy Joan II.L.d._Elvin_Fox_Edited.jpg

SENIA ELIZABETH FOX d/o Calvin and Margaret
B: 9 Jul 1852 Fair Garden, Sevier County, Tennessee
M: 4 Jan 1872 Fair Garden, Tennessee
     James Madison Francis (27 Nov 1850-12 Feb 1917)
D:  20 Mar 1932-Wynnewood, Oklahoma

Senia was the oldest of Calvin and Margaret’s children.   She
married James Francis.   Senia is buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in
Wynnewood.   Senia was known as “Lizzie” and was “very
short, a little bitty thing, with brown/black hair”.  James Francis’
mother was said to have died in childbirth with one of her
children and his father (name unknown) reportedly remarried.  
All of Senia’s brothers and sisters except Priscilla moved to
Oklahoma.  Children of Senia and James Francis were:

1. Mary Molly Francis (17 Feb 1873/7 - 7 Aug 1950).   She
married Jim Roberts.   They lived near Sulphur, OK and later
Molly moved to Oklahoma City.
2. Calvin Burgess  Francis (5 May 1875-13 Aug 1955.  His
middle name may be Birdwell, as he was sometimes called Bird. 
He married Cora Pierce and lived around Gunner, Texas, near
3. Jo Ann (or Nancy Joan) Francis (13 Nov 1877-1968).  She
married Francis Strawn and lived in Howe, Texas
4. Elvin Sion Francis (9 May 1880-9 Jun 1938).   He did not
marry, living with his mother until her death.
5. Homer Gaurdin Francis (2 Jun 1882-28 Mar 1945).   He
married Ida Belzora Losson (Ida Bell or Bell) Losson.   She was
the daughter of William Riley Losson/Lawson and Martha
Frances Parilea Alice Reeves.   Homer and Bell were married 26
Mar 1910 in Wynnewood, OK.   Homer died in Shamrock,
Texas.   Homer and his wife are buried in Dozier Cemetery,
Collingsworth Co, Texas.
6. Flora Ellen Francis (14 Nov 1884-11 Sep 1976).   She
married Adolphus (Dolph)  Gardner, a son of James W. Gardner
and Emily Cornwell/Cornwall Lawson/Losson Gardner.
7. Margaret Edna Francis (29 Jun 1887-12 Mar 1977).   She
married Benjamin (Ben) Gardner, a brother of Dolph Gardner.
8. William Burney Francis, born 1 Nov 1892 in Springtown.,
Parker County, Texas.   He married Dora B. Vineyard on 9 Jan
1916.   Dora was born 11 Sep 1898 in Thackerville, Love
County, Oklahoma.   William Burney died 14 Dec 1971 in
Wichita Falls, Texas.   Dora died 16 May 1985.   They are
buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Wynnewood, Oklahoma.
9,10.   Twins (sons?) died at birth.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

In The Paper

Daddy did not talk about his war years. I have always said that this is one of my biggest regrets - not learning about his war years. I found this article while doing some of our family research. Evidently, he was involved in some very impressive events during the war. This award was "for outstanding performance of duty against the enemy."

Large Family - 12

I chose to combine two post Large Family and 12. George Marlow and Sallie Lucille had twelve children. This is the homeplace that was bought about 1905 between Tioga and Gunter. This is one of the earliest pictures we have of the place. Evidently it was named "The Lone Oak Farm." Oh, it these walls could talk - the stories they could tell. 

The following picture was taken about 1938 at Easter.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Jessie Clark Scoggins, or "Uncle" to the family, was my grandfather's, George Marlow Scoggins, brother. He was born in Van Alstyne, Texas to William Anderson and Sarah Scoggins. He was the youngest of their children. I remember Daddy once telling me that he was "different". I never questioned what was different about him. Then last summer when we were visiting with a cousin talking about the family she made the same comment, but she went on to tell us how he was different. 
He always lived with his parents. After they passed away in 1920, he moved in with Papa and Granny. He raised chickens and sold the eggs for money to buy groceries to help feed the family. By the time I came along he was just an older man, sitting in the corner of the room in a rocking chair, that we called "Uncle".

Monday, February 25, 2019

At The Courthouse

Last week Diana and I visited the Grayson County courthouse records room. They showed us how to use the computer to search records filed in the books. One of the books had marriage licenses.  We didn't get to stay a really long time; but in the short time we were there, I did find this document of my grandparentts.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Family Photo

George Marlow and Sallie Lucille Scoggins
I do not know any details about this picture other than it is a classic of my grandparents. This was taken early in their lives, based on the car. However, they look old. They always looked old, maybe having twelve children would do this to you. This is their home place where they always lived. 
Some special things to notice:
Their pose
Their shoes and clothes
The girl on the porch
The car and the house

Questions I have about the picture:
The occasion
The year
The girl on the porch
How did they have enough money to have all their assets