Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Us

Ten years ago on September 21, 2007,  Rick and I were married in my backyard. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was perfect for us. We were surrounded by family. Most people say that we have had our "ups and downs" etc... but not us. It has been a great ten years of marriage that has past very quickly. The saying is that time flies when you are having fun - is oh so true!  Rick and I are now like a lot of old couples - it takes us both to remember something, a story, or a name. What one of us forgets, the other one remembers. what one of us loses, the other one finds. Our families have blended well together, and both sets of kids accepts the step-parent and are glad that we are there for each other. The grandchildren accept us as Papa and M or M.e.

(Picture coming of wedding - I just realized that wedding pictures are not backed up on external hard drive.)

There are several factors that make our relationship so good.
1. We are very compatible with very similar interests. We enjoy doing the same things and being together - doing whatever the task is at hand, whether WORK or FUN! I am his side-kick.
2. We communicate well, ( even though I am getting deaf and it seems to me that he sometimes mumbles) and we do try to meet each others needs.
3. God has always been part of our marriage.

I have to say that these 10 years with Rick have been an adventure. I will never earn the "Streetman" name as far as being athletic or a dare devil, but we have had some great adventures. We have had the privilege of being able to travel and enjoy many sites in the United States. Another one of our blessings is that we have got to enjoy many concerts together. Music has been a major part of our entertainment these past years. Rick is not a foodie, so going out to eat has not been a highlight of our years together, but we have made up for it in concerts.

Thanks, Rick, for a wonderful 10 years. You have been the best. I can't wait to see what the next 10 bring.

Love you,

Monday, August 28, 2017

Bennie Scoggins - June 21, 1923 - September 10, 2005

This is a little late for her birthday, so I decided to be early for her passing away date.  Most of this came from blogs that I have previously written. As stated earlier, she is the reason that I am who I am today.

1. Mother was the epitome of a Christian. She read her Bible, she prayed before every meal that she every ate, and she did not miss church until her health declined. She went three times a week or as we used to say - every time the door was opened, she was there. She did not ever drink, smoke or cuss. Her ministry was to send words of encouragement through the mail. Proverbs 31 was written with her in mind - "Her family will rise and call her blessed" (paraphrased as usual).
It is said that when you are squeezed or down -what is inside comes out. Well good things came out of Mother. The last time that she was in the hospital for a lengthy stay, we were with her almost around the clock. One of the nights that I stayed with her and she was a little disillusioned, she literally said her good night prayers all night long. Every time that I encouraged her to let's go to sleep, her response was that we had to say our prayers. She would say her prayer, and would pray for everyone by name and what she wished for them or for blessings for them. Thirty minutes later the whole process started over.

2. Mother was a great cook, and she did cook a lot of food in her life. Some of the sweets that she was known for are: pecan pie, coconut pie, chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate scotch cake, seven-minute frostings, and banana pudding. We always had a homemade birthday cake with the seven-minute frosting on it with the candy sugar decorations. Anything she cooked it was good. We always had a dessert with every meal. When we were in school, she made our lunch for us. The other kids were envious because we had such good lunches. Also when we got in from school, we knew that there would be a home-cooked meat waiting on us. You never left the table of Bennie Scoggins hungry.

3. Mother took great pride in the way that she always dressed. She would get up early and get her makeup and clothes on. She loved clothes and like to dress up, even if no one was going to see her or not. She went to the beauty shop on either Saturday morning or Friday. She took care of her hair so that when she went into the beauty shop that her hair was still in place. No one every saw her hair messed up. Her old clothes were better and looked nicer that most people's good clothes. When she was outside working, her clothes still looked like she was headed somewhere important. In the 50's she had hats and high heels to match all her dresses.

4. I have told this story many times, but it is worth repeating. One day after school when we were probably in the 4th and 5th grade, Diana and I came in from school to find the china and crystal out. The table was set. Of course our first thought was who is coming to dinner. No! Mother decided it was time to teach and practice our table manners. 
This is just one of the many things that she did to make sure that we knew right from wrong - down to our table manners.

5. Bennie Scoggins believed that cleanliness was next to godliness. I can assure you that our house was never dirty or messy. Dishes were never left in the sink. Clothes were never left in the dryer. The bathtub nor commode never had a ring around them. You could eat off the kitchen floor. Beds were always made. I am sure that you get the picture. This ended up being a blessing for us in the end. When Mother was at the Howard Apartments, she would get up and go outside and dust her car before everyone else got up and about. She did not need to be driving, so instead of us having to take the car away from her; she was ready to give it up so that she would not have to dust it everyday.

Bennie Scoggins, this child does rise up and called her blessed. Thanks for everything you did for me.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Portland -2017

Rick, Diana, Rickie and I went to Astoria, Oregon for another King Salmon fishing trip. Rickie and I did this last year, so this was our second year to do this. We flew into Portland, Oregon on Saturday afternoon and then drove to Astoria on Sunday. We were disappointed that the Tillamook cheese factory was closed for remodeling, but we did find an air museum in a war blimp hangar to tour (which was neater than the cheese factory for the guys.) We stayed in Gearhart with Brian and others in a 5 bedroom house. He cooked steaks and the fixings Sunday night. We got up at 4:30 AM to go fishing. This year I was prepared with plenty warm clothes. However, I did forget sun screen and my face did burn beet red. Fishing was a little slow so we stayed out 6 AM to 4 PM. Two business associates and Brian's brother also went with us.
My first fish of the day!
I did get two Salmon, Brian got two salmon, and Rick got one - the biggest catch of the day. We went out to eat this night in Seaside. I had  shrimp - my favorite. On Tuesday Rick F. went fishing with Rickie and the rest of the guys - more business associates. Rickie and Rick each got a fish today. Diana and I stayed at the house and went to Seaside to get something to put on my sunburned face. After the guys cleaned up we left Gearhart and drove down the coast line to Lincoln City for the night. Little did we know that in one week this town of 3000 could possibly have up to 200,000 thousand people watching the total eclipse of the sun. Rickie, Diana, and I went to a casino. On Wednesday we were back to being a tourist. We went to Washington to Vancouver National Park, we went to the Vista House, the falls, and the fish hatchery. Another fun trip in the books!

August 5, 1957 - My 60th Birthday

We celebrated my birthday in true fashion with family and food. Diana and Rick were camping at Joe Pool Lake and had planned my party at Jenna's, so I went down on Friday with Justin and his family. We had our lunch at Rosa's, and then all the girls went to experience a Chinese massage and foot rub near Jenna's. By late afternoon Chad had arrived. He was supposed to have surprised me with Greg and Isabel, but they could not get out of Tennessee. All the planes had been delayed or canceled because of weather. We had pizza for dinner. Tara drove in Saturday morning. All the kids went out on the lake and enjoyed all the water toys. That afternoon Rickie and Jerry drove down for the meal. Diana had Cain's chicken catered, since it is my favorite. She had made homemade ice cream and cake balls for dessert. It was a great meal. Rick surprised me with a new iPhone. Rick and Jerry came home, and I stayed another night in Mansfield. Sunday morning after donuts for breakfast, we all went our separate ways. They made it special with family and good food. When I got home, I through together a quick meal so that I could then spend time with Mindi, Brandi, and kids.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jerry Lynn Scoggins - July 29, 1947

This is another one of those that is hard to write, because Jerry is a complicated, but oh so simple person. Jerry is ten years older than me, so he was gone from home by the time I can really remember  details of us growing up.

I do remember a few details growing up - mainly him trying to teach me to drive. At this very young age, we did not realize how bad my eyes were. He would tell me to watch the road, and I would tell him I was (while my head was turned toward the ditch. My right eye was very dominant.)

My first airplane ride was when I was a Junior in high school. I got to fly to Houston for a weekend visit while he was living there. 

After he retired and finished college, he relocated to Gunter part time. Then the wanderlust kicked in and he started going to Asia. He spent the next years roaming around different parts of China, Thailand, Cambodia, and many cities that I can't pronounce or spell. He has always enjoyed traveling, which is something that we all enjoy. He has many stories of his traveling adventures that he should really write down.

The negative influence of living abroad ten years is that he lost his ability to drive fast and furious (as he did in Houston). He is known to be putting around going down 289 on the shoulder of the road. 

He has a few "quirks" that makes us laugh. One of the funniest is that he gets up during the middle of the night and eats a snack. He has no idea he is doing this. Diana finds crumbs where he has been in the sweets. Even though he eats pretty healthy - sweets are his weakness. He says he loses all self-control with sweets at night. 

Jerry does not like any part of cold weather. He says it hurts his body. That is one of the reasons he loved Asia. He is in his element on a warm sunny beach. This year we are hoping that was his last long season abroad. He is planning on spending the trip in South Texas this winter. He has done this in the past and it was a pretty good compromise for not going abroad. He has a brand new truck and camper, but has never had the camper hooked to the truck. He sees no need to practice. Some Sunday morning, he is going to hook them together and creep to south Texas on the back roads. 

He was gone while our kids were little and never really experienced their childhood. However, he has been much more involved with our grandchildren.  Marlow learned "Bub" really fast and knows that she can convince him to go see the geese or "bull".  Diana had to get onto him, because he was calling the horse the "bull" just to please Marlow. During the fourth, he did put his time in helping with the grandchildren. Bub and the rhino were great entertainment for the children.

Today is his 70th birthday. We will have a simple birthday meal to celebrate this occasion.
Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Diana Scoggins Ferguson - July 25, 1956

Happy birthday to my twin sister, (who just happened to be born 12 months before me), my best friend, my traveling buddy, and my partner in crime. I am so blessed to call you all the above. Although Mother had thoughts about having two of us girls so close together, God knew what He was doing. Diana is a good Christian Southern girl that made even Bennie Scoggins proud.

I find it easier to just list qualities and characteristics about my loved ones So these are in no certain order but just a few things about Diana.
  • She cooks, cleans, cans, and quilts. She is a great homemaker with a house that always welcomes family, friends, and Bible study groups.
  • She loves and cares greatly for her family. She is truly the Matriarch of the Ferguson clan. She is a great "Nana" to all her grandchildren.
  • She is a great Christian woman with a heart for God. She leads our Women's Ministry at the church. and leads one of the Bible studies.  She is one of the most faithful followers that you will find. She has carried on the work of many of our ancestors that were instrumental in Baptist churches. She stayed on course to the faith. 
  • She loves God's nature and to travel to witness the beauty of His creation. I am fortune to get to go on  three ladies' trips a year plus some family trips to discover new places and things. She is a great traveling partner. Even the few trips that she has been sea sick on or rough airplane rides that upset her stomach - she is always a trooper - ready to do it again.
  • She truly is a trooper. All you have to see to believe this is see her driving the big red truck pulling their fifth-wheel down the road. Whatever the challenge is - she is ready for it.
  • Diana is prim-and-proper. She may have Daddy's looks and features, but there is no doubt that she has Mother's grace and style. 
  • She was my "boss", two times in my working days. When we 18 and 19, we went to Gainesville to open a clothes store. She was the manager - my boss. I joked that I was the "maintainance" man that did all the dirty work. Years later she was my boss again - Principal of Gunter Middle School. I may be prejudice, but of all the principals I taught under- she was the best. As a Principal her main concern was always - what was best for the student!
But there is so much more than just this. She is my best friend. She gets "me".  WE enjoy a good strong Diet Coke like no other, and she knows her Diet Cokes. We think a lot alike,  and we have the same taste in many things. Where you see one of us, the other is not far behind. Retirement life is so much fun, because I know I have someone that is up for the challenge or the meal of the day.

Diana gave me a book 13 years ago with great "classic" pictures of us that is worth sharing portions of it, because it sums our relationship so well.

Crazy About My Sister... And Glad You are Mine

I am crazy about my sister, because

  • she has stuck by me through thick and thin.
  • she and I have always been great at sharing. (food, gum, cokes, etc..)
  • we know how to make each other laugh.
  • of all the wonderful talks we had as little girls ( and the many games of riddle, riddle marie)
  • we both savor life's simple pleasures.
  • she has a wonderful sense of family values.
  • we were always such angels together.
  • because of her zest for life.
  • we both love the holidays.
  • we both picked up a few "quirks" from our mother.
  • we have survived ups and downs together.
  • she sees past my faults.
  • of our shared memories that will last a lifetime.
  • God knew that we needed each other.

Diana's family

I was tempted to put one of those really cute pictures here, but she has always threatened me with paybacks. So here is one of her and her family that she will be ok with.

Love you and I can't imagine life without you,

Friday, July 7, 2017

July 4th - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

     This is one of the few times that we have all our family in and out for more than two days. This year it was for two weeks that we got to hang out with the family. Greg and Isabel came first, then Lisa brought Anja to us, but Lisa went back to Tennessee for work. Jenna, Marlow, and Jackson came next, then the rest of the kids came in and out for the two weeks. Basically for 8 of the 14 days I had two babies attached to me. The joys of little children is indescribable, especially with 5 babies under 3 years of age.
The Girls

   Not only did we entertain babies, we did our normal cooking and gardening.
Chad and the Jeep
Highlights were -

  • Taking the babies to McCalisters (3 times) and other lunch spots. People would think that they were all Jenna's babies. 
  • The various friends and family that came to visit and hang out with us. 
  • Great firework shows.
  • Swim time and Uber time on the Rhino with Jerry ("Bub" to Marlow)
  • The cousins together picking on each other is always a favorite.
  • The Willys Jeep
  • We celebrated Isabel's first birthday before they went home (with a three-song concert by David Dunn). 
  • Diana and I got to hangout with just Chad in Plano the last day, before he left town. 

The Group
     God blessed us with cooler than normal temperatures with even a couple of showers.

The Shooters