Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quite often on the weekends we go out with Roger, Teresa, Wiesal (J.B. Webb) and Susan. Many of our conversations are about the good old school days in Gunter, Texas. Now you have to realize that I am the youngest in the group; therefore, I only vaguely remember some of their stories and others I remember like it was yesterday. So for this blog I thought I would just list a few of the topics that we have discussed about the old days in Gunter. Later these will be topics for some of my blogs when I am feeling a little nostalgic.
  • the two story elementary school building
  • the high school with the four classrooms with the study hall in the middle
  • Jack Harris stories
  • Pauline Autry stories
  • lunchroom food and government commodities
  • driving half way across the state to play Friday night football
  • skating in the gym during the summer
  • the playground
  • sports
  • the halloween carnival 
  • the one-sided gym
  • volleyball tournaments
As I have reflected on these topics, a common thread that runs through many of these  is that I have many wonderful memories for this "one life lived" and God has blessed me greatly.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spiritual Markers

We were challenged in Sunday School to have a list of our spiritual markers  in our life. I thought I would do some brainstorming here, then I would write some entries about some of these. Many events in my life have had an affirmation from God in the form of a found penny (or other coin). Pennies are very special to me for this reason. I will never walk over a dropped penny. All those who know and love me the most know how special a found penny is to me.
  • under conviction - the church pew, the bedroom, and the preacher's office
  • the rainbow on a skating night
  • the revival service at Bearcat stadium summer 1972
  • getting married
  • my Master's test
  • Van Alstyne / Gunter transfer
  • the crashed Buick
  • Greg's first car
  • Chad's mustang
  • Greg's golf tournament
  • Greg's Cross Country meet
  • Rick and I
  • The farm truck
  • Oh My! the list could go on forever!!!
I have lots of stories to be told because of this "one life lived".

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Something that is very dear to my heart at this time is my family history. I have been researching my "roots" for about a year now. I have several cousins that are also diligently doing the same. This picture is my father's parents, George Marlow and Sallie Lucille Scoggins - Granny and Papa. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Life to Live

Here I am getting ready to teach Web 2.0 to teachers and decided it was time for me to start my own blog. Journaling is nothing new to me. My fourth grade year is totally documented in my first diary. I later decided that I would document my high school years. Yes, somewhere tucked away in a box is a green five-year diary that has a blurb for every day of my high school career. 
I journaled the first year of my two sons' lives. They each have a calendar for their first year with every FIRST imaginable. I taught English for several years in the late eighties and early nineties. My students had to do journals weekly, so I took this opportunity to also journal. 
Then my husband died unexpectedly in 1997, so the journaling began again. I documented the next years of raising two sons through their junior high years, high school, and college. Also in this journal is also the experiences of finding my second love in life - Rick.
Someone once said that people take a lot of pictures because they are afraid they will forget the past. I think I journaled because I knew that I would lose my memory and forget many of the details of my life. Therefore, I have always had the need to document my life. No it has not been that exciting or dramatic, but God has showered me with many blessings that I want to remember and from the soap opera title it has been my "one life to live".