Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spring updates

I do not know where my time goes. It seems that while I was working I would find time at night to blog. Now I never find time to blog. Anyway to catch up the last several months I will just list some of the events in our lives.
  • Girls' Spring Break trip to New Orleans
  • Greg announced on April Fools day that they were expecting a baby.
  • Nascar - Sunday race got rained out until Monday, so we missed it
  • Easter - Family meal at our house with Fergusons, Greg, and Lisa's family
  • Rick Ferguson retirement from TI with a party
  • Chad got to come home for a visit, and he actually got to come to Rick's retirement party
  • Jenna got engaged to Jared. YEA! Now there is a wedding to plan.
  • Fredericksberg - Rick and I took a road trip Memorial Day/his birthday weekend. We visited the WWII museum, LBJ ranch, and Luchenbach, Texas. Fun get away weekend, but very educational.
  • Chicago - Rick and I went to Chicago to cook a meal for Anvil.
  • A Wedding - Nic and Emily. Greg and Chad were groomsmen in it. Chad got to come home for the weekend.
  • Four funerals (of great people) Ruth Massey, Wes Eldridge, Chuck Glass, and Dorothy Block