Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day 2

We got another snow day, because the sleet and ice from yesterday did not melt. So today I finished the backs to my two "block-of-the-month" quilts from last year, I cooked a mushroom-spinach quiche for lunch for myself, I worked on my Alaska Shutterfly book from our vacation last year while watching photography videos on my iPad, and I read the manual for Rick's flight simulator game for his airplane game. It is amazing how I feel the need to be productive on snow days. I am now watching the weather which has a chance of snow in the forecast for tonight. Could we have three snow days?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day

Although this is my second year to be retired from teaching, I still get excited about a SNOW DAY. Last night I watched the weather and the school closings with four of the grandchildren in anticipation. Even during the night when I would wake up, I would listen for sleet. I am excited for all my teacher friends and grandchildren that this affects.

I have great memories of snow days in my early teaching days. Daddy would usually bring Diana and her kids to my house so that we could put the 4 children together; and she and I could sew, cook, or do a craft together. The kids would watch some movie classics - Top Gun or Beetlejuice, play Nintendo, or make paper airplanes to sell. I am sure that there were games of sock baseball or basketball also going on - maybe even a game with a ceiling fan. For some reason, all the ceiling fans wobble in my house. Oh, those were the days!

I now get to choose everyday what I am going to do, but today is an extra special day. So what did I do differently? I cleaned my kitchen granite counter tops, cooked, did laundry, wrote this post, and watched photography videos. Sounds familiar to my daily routines - but it was different. It was a SNOW DAY.