Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Bye 2010

In just a few hours 2010 will be history. As it comes to a close, I looked over some of my goals for the year that I jotted down for myself in my iPhone last January. Let see how well I did:

Do for others - check (but room for improvement)
Cook more exciting things - check (but room for improvement)
Bible study - check (but room for improvement)
Prayer time -check (but room for improvement)
Loose 10 pounds - check (but can lose more)
Cemetery hop - check
Genealogy - can do much more
Learn camera - NO
Redo the kitchen - check - very successful
Rick's building - NO
Get rid of farm house - No
Trip with boys - Yes
Trip with Rick - Yes
Trip with Girls - Yes

I will have to ponder for several days to decide what my goals will be for 2011.

Have a very safe New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Few Pictures of the Holidays

Santa and the kids!

 The annual creative gift challenge!

Greg and Chad

The girls playing "dress-up".

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Over and No Depression

     I read an article about how the days after Christmas are such a let down that many people are depressed. I assure you this is not me. Christmas was wonderful with many highlights with memories that were made.
    Wednesday night the boys arrived with an old-school Nintendo system with the game they never could beat as young children. When Rick and I got home it was just like the sounds from 20 years ago. Same dialog, same actions, same emotions; just bigger bodies. For the next four days, it was great. The food, the games, the gifts, the grandchildren and the fellowship were all wonderful. I did control my temper this year during the games. Last year I got so upset that I threw my game pieces after being beat numerous times. This year I was still beat the majority of the games, but I did not let it bother me. So what, if I can't roll a "FARKLE." Life will go on.
    Rick won the creative wrapping again for the second year in a row. This year I did get THIRD place. This is my first year to even get any votes. Each year the competition gets tougher. I did a slide show of some pictures from the last 10 Christmases. Diana and I took a great deal of ridicule of our lovely Christmas sweaters from the past. So Jenna, Di, and I  did a little "dress up" of three classic sweaters in my closet. The pictures are lovely.
    Yesterday after lunch I realized it was over, and time to  get it all down. Hours later it did get finished. Bennie Scoggins was smiling. I missed her standard by 24 hours, which is still good for me. Although Christmas is tucked away, I have a camera disk with pictures and great memories of Christmas 2010.

My Christmas wishes were all fulfilled; I hope yours were, too.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Wish #5

Today's wish is a little different. My wish for you today is that you have it all done, and that you can enjoy the rest of this holdiay season, UNLESS... that is not your style. Carl never shopped until Christmas Eve, and the Davis boys have been known to follow in his steps. Their line was that there are fewer things on the shelves, so that is less things for them to have to pick from. Yesterday I was talking to Chad. He said he had not started. I have to admit his reasoning was different. It went something like this, "You know, Mom, Jesus might just come back before Christmas, then I would have put myself through all that stress and expense for nothing."

It's not hard to tell where this is going. Do we really expect Jesus to come back? Are we ready? And what would we have done differently this Christmas if we new it was our last? Can you imagine celebrating Jesus' birthday with HIM! WOW! Chad, your procrastination in shopping made me do some soul searching.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Wish #4

Christmas is a time of gathering with family and friends, exchanging gifts, eating meals together, and maybe playing games. However, for some people, Christmas is bittersweet because a loved one has died, broken relationships, or just not enough money for all the "stuff". I was amazed in SS how stressful Christmas is to so many families. Yesterday at church we had one of the most amazing worship services celebrating Jesus' birth. We truly experienced the reason for the season. Borrowing a comment from my husband, "if you did not get something out of that, you are on your way to Hell." That was his way of saying if was very emotional and real. 

My wish for you is that you try to take the stress out of Christmas and take time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.I know that my God does not want His son's birthday to be a PAIN. This was God's greatest gift to us, and like everything else, we humans have messed it up. So whatever it takes - focus on God's perfect gift.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Wish #3

May this beautiful season fill you with
Happy memories,
Pleasant todays,
Joyful tomorrows.

Love to all who reads this.

Today is the last day of school for 2010 and this school semester. This school year is officially half over. As an educator, I can proclaim this wish. I have so many happy memories of these 33 years. My days are pleasant, because I love my job. In one day this week, I got to play with a new iPod Touch, an iPad, and a Kindle. My tomorrows will be joyful, because that is a choice I choose to make. Borrowing a phrase from school,
 "make it a great day or not, the choice is yours".

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Wish #2

What can I give Him,
Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd,
I would bring Him a lamb.
If I were a wise man,
I would do my part.
Yet what I can, I give Him,
(I) give my heart.
Christina Rossetti

My Christmas wish today is that you have also given Him your heart.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Wishes #1

May you be filled with love this Christmas season and may it remain to bless you everyday throughout 2011.

Do everything in love.
I Corinthians 16:14

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Bit of Heaven

Today we had a ladies' day out and went to see "The Gift of Christmas" at Prestonwood Baptist Church. With 1000 members performing a Broadway performance, we witnessed a glimpse of Heaven. It was so magnificent that tears came to my eyes several times throughout the production. I kept thinking WOW! if this is this good - what will heaven's choir sound like! Even more astounding is that I may get to be a part of that choir. Jenna did mention that I might even get to sing and CLAP at the same time.  That really would be a little bit of Heaven.

Friday, December 10, 2010

WOW - It worked

      I invite all who read this to watch the movie about mothers on strike called "On Strike for Christmas" on the Lifetime channel. It summed up what is really important about Christmas. The mom in the movie was feeling unappreciated and taken for granted, so she went on strike. Her husband and two boys had to do it all. It was stressful for all, and the mom was sad. It was very entertaining to see the male figures trying to survive, but they did in their own way. A few of the tasks they did were good changes for the family. However, at the end the mom realized she no longer had to be supermom and the family discussed what is really important - sharing love and being together. Memories are being made even if things are not perfect. Great movie for all!
      I said all this to say that I did shopping different this year than ever before. I went out one day and did the majority of it. I am not going to say it was any better, but I will say it worked. I am far from a supermom, nor do I ever feel unappreciated. I know that 80% of the things I do during the Christmas season is for ME. I love the decorations, lights,  hustle and bustle. I also am one of the fortunate ones to have help with the decorations - thanks, boys. Also, thanks to you, Rick, when it comes time to do the cooking. I know that I will be able to count on you to help out there. No "strikes" for me - just a different way to shop.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let's Go ...Shopping

I am taking today off from school to go do some power shopping. I was so excited that I did not even stay in bed any later than I would for a work day after staying up much later than normal knowing that I could sleep a little later this morning. My goal is by the time I go to bed tonight that there will be many wrapped presents under my trees. Of course for the shopping trip, my sister will be included. Food and fun will be involved in this day also. I have checked my list twice; and I and my credit card are ready to go.  Some of you who read this may be amazed, because in the past by this time the majority of my presents are already wrapped and I am doing the fun things. For some reason this year, the shopping has been delayed. However, after today I WILL be on track for the holidays.

In fact, I will even post a picture tonight of the presents under the trees wrapped and not in the shopping bags. This will keep me accountable today. Let's go....Shopping.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We had to say our goodbyes to Princess yesterday. She did not live long after we found out that she was a diabetic. Princess was one of those animals that we have a tendency to take for granted until they are dying or are gone. She was the perfect guard dog for 13 years. Visitors did not come on our property or in the triangle without being announced. She let us know when coyotes were too close to the house or other animals were intruding on "her" property. She was a faithful dog. She would go down to the pond, follow us in the pasture, or feed the cows with us. Before she got older, she would bring all her prey to the back door for me to see and praise her. I never knew if it would be the afterbirth of a cow, a dead squirrel or skunk. However, for the last 6 months she has been on the rug by the back door. It is hard to go out the back door not to see her lying there with her wagging tail and those dark eyes just waiting for us to talk to her.  So - Princess, this tribute is to you! You are missed!

This is the first time I can remember in 31 years that there has not been a dog on the hill.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's All about Him - Part 2

Last year, the week of Thanksgiving in our Victory SS Class an extreme need was brought to our attention. We had a handicapped, widow lady that was living in a house that was BAD. I will not dwell on this, other than our class was convicted to do something about this. Our SS teacher became our fearless leader. Praise God for Godly teachers.

One year and one week later we are handing over the keys to a brand new house built by God's people. God says that he gives different talents to others, and we are all different parts of the body to be one. This house is God's way of showing this. Many people and businesses donated materials, time, food, money, and talents for this to come to fruition. I am very careful about what I write, because I do not want us to take any of the credit. It is truly "All about Him". God just allowed us to do His work for Him for us to receive the blessings.

It's All About Him

This book is a must read for all; it is very quick and easy. We so often think the rich and famous have it all. We do not realize the struggles that they go through to get where they are, nor do we realize the challenges that they face. If you do not have the time nor desire to read the book, at least click on the link below. The title says it all - Life should be all about HIM. HIM being our Heavenly Father.