Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Over and No Depression

     I read an article about how the days after Christmas are such a let down that many people are depressed. I assure you this is not me. Christmas was wonderful with many highlights with memories that were made.
    Wednesday night the boys arrived with an old-school Nintendo system with the game they never could beat as young children. When Rick and I got home it was just like the sounds from 20 years ago. Same dialog, same actions, same emotions; just bigger bodies. For the next four days, it was great. The food, the games, the gifts, the grandchildren and the fellowship were all wonderful. I did control my temper this year during the games. Last year I got so upset that I threw my game pieces after being beat numerous times. This year I was still beat the majority of the games, but I did not let it bother me. So what, if I can't roll a "FARKLE." Life will go on.
    Rick won the creative wrapping again for the second year in a row. This year I did get THIRD place. This is my first year to even get any votes. Each year the competition gets tougher. I did a slide show of some pictures from the last 10 Christmases. Diana and I took a great deal of ridicule of our lovely Christmas sweaters from the past. So Jenna, Di, and I  did a little "dress up" of three classic sweaters in my closet. The pictures are lovely.
    Yesterday after lunch I realized it was over, and time to  get it all down. Hours later it did get finished. Bennie Scoggins was smiling. I missed her standard by 24 hours, which is still good for me. Although Christmas is tucked away, I have a camera disk with pictures and great memories of Christmas 2010.

My Christmas wishes were all fulfilled; I hope yours were, too.


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