Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let's Go ...Shopping

I am taking today off from school to go do some power shopping. I was so excited that I did not even stay in bed any later than I would for a work day after staying up much later than normal knowing that I could sleep a little later this morning. My goal is by the time I go to bed tonight that there will be many wrapped presents under my trees. Of course for the shopping trip, my sister will be included. Food and fun will be involved in this day also. I have checked my list twice; and I and my credit card are ready to go.  Some of you who read this may be amazed, because in the past by this time the majority of my presents are already wrapped and I am doing the fun things. For some reason this year, the shopping has been delayed. However, after today I WILL be on track for the holidays.

In fact, I will even post a picture tonight of the presents under the trees wrapped and not in the shopping bags. This will keep me accountable today. Let's go....Shopping.

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  1. somebody didnt keep themself very accountable...