Friday, December 10, 2010

WOW - It worked

      I invite all who read this to watch the movie about mothers on strike called "On Strike for Christmas" on the Lifetime channel. It summed up what is really important about Christmas. The mom in the movie was feeling unappreciated and taken for granted, so she went on strike. Her husband and two boys had to do it all. It was stressful for all, and the mom was sad. It was very entertaining to see the male figures trying to survive, but they did in their own way. A few of the tasks they did were good changes for the family. However, at the end the mom realized she no longer had to be supermom and the family discussed what is really important - sharing love and being together. Memories are being made even if things are not perfect. Great movie for all!
      I said all this to say that I did shopping different this year than ever before. I went out one day and did the majority of it. I am not going to say it was any better, but I will say it worked. I am far from a supermom, nor do I ever feel unappreciated. I know that 80% of the things I do during the Christmas season is for ME. I love the decorations, lights,  hustle and bustle. I also am one of the fortunate ones to have help with the decorations - thanks, boys. Also, thanks to you, Rick, when it comes time to do the cooking. I know that I will be able to count on you to help out there. No "strikes" for me - just a different way to shop.

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