Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Wish #5

Today's wish is a little different. My wish for you today is that you have it all done, and that you can enjoy the rest of this holdiay season, UNLESS... that is not your style. Carl never shopped until Christmas Eve, and the Davis boys have been known to follow in his steps. Their line was that there are fewer things on the shelves, so that is less things for them to have to pick from. Yesterday I was talking to Chad. He said he had not started. I have to admit his reasoning was different. It went something like this, "You know, Mom, Jesus might just come back before Christmas, then I would have put myself through all that stress and expense for nothing."

It's not hard to tell where this is going. Do we really expect Jesus to come back? Are we ready? And what would we have done differently this Christmas if we new it was our last? Can you imagine celebrating Jesus' birthday with HIM! WOW! Chad, your procrastination in shopping made me do some soul searching.

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