Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's All about Him - Part 2

Last year, the week of Thanksgiving in our Victory SS Class an extreme need was brought to our attention. We had a handicapped, widow lady that was living in a house that was BAD. I will not dwell on this, other than our class was convicted to do something about this. Our SS teacher became our fearless leader. Praise God for Godly teachers.

One year and one week later we are handing over the keys to a brand new house built by God's people. God says that he gives different talents to others, and we are all different parts of the body to be one. This house is God's way of showing this. Many people and businesses donated materials, time, food, money, and talents for this to come to fruition. I am very careful about what I write, because I do not want us to take any of the credit. It is truly "All about Him". God just allowed us to do His work for Him for us to receive the blessings.

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  1. ahhh, I know personally how great the people of the Victory SS class and FBC Gunter are at building for the glory of the Lord! Can not wait to see the pictures!!!