Monday, April 11, 2016

Easter and April Updates

Good Fridays have always been monumental in some way or another. This year was no different. First Rick Ferguson had his orthoscopic knee surgery. In which he said was a piece of cake after his brain surgery. Second, we lost a dear friend, Rocky Kinnaird. We celebrated our Easter meal on Saturday night with the family with good food and fun. One of the highlights was our glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. Sunday was a good worship service,  some more great family time, and then the annual church egg hunt and games.

The next Saturday, Jerry, Diana, and I went to Fort Worth for Rocky's funeral. We made a great memorable day out of it. We started of by going to see Aunt June (94 years old), our only living Aunt. She was a blessing to visit. We then went down memory lane by driving around Fort Worth to the car lot and down to the Kinnaird house on White Settlerment. We then went to the memorial service, where we got to visit with many old dear friends.

Rick and I had a great crawfish boil at Brandy and Josh's that night. SPICY!!!! but oh so good!

April 8 Chad Harris and Meagan got married. Chad and Tara got to come in for this event. Diana and I went on Thursday to have lunch with Chad, then Rick and I went to the wedding where we got to see Chad and Tara, then on Sunday we had the family meal with everyone. The wedding was also a lot of fun because we got to visit with the Harris families and a group of Chad's friends. We had an added bonus, because Chad and Tara missed their flight (another Chad story)  on Monday morning - another meal on Monday.

During all these events we have also been getting to go to track meets, volleyball games, and baseball games of the grandkids. As I always say - Life is good and I am blessed.