Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Showers of Blessing

The pictures are in reverse order. Finished to the beginning. I will get them rearranged when I have another moment.

Today we were blessed with showers, or some might call it a flood. Whichever - it was just what we needed. We had our tank dug out and enlarged. Then we built a dock. Now the Saturday that we started the dock was the coldest and windiest day of the spring . The wind chill was in the low 30s. Greg, Rick and I looked like we were headed to the ski slops. On Sunday when Rick and I worked it was much nicer day. Monday when we worked it was beautiful. We have been praying for a hard rain since we put the last piece of pipe in. We put tires in for one kind of fish, and Rickie made two trees out of 5 gallon paint buckets, pcv pipe and concrete for another type of fish. Both of these looked funny in a dry tank. We have had two little showers that did nothing for our tank, then Wednesday God blessed us with 6 1/2 inches that not only filled the tank, but let it run over so that we could even see how the runover would work and the position of the dock in relationship to the water. We are pleased with our project and very thankful for the showers of blessings.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sam - stood up today!

Greg wrote a blog about the "landline" telephone; and how it has changed our lives. Well, I thought about how the internet has changed our shopping habits. Here it is Saturday morning, and WE are shopping online. Now you have to realize that Sam Walton and I have been dating for about 30 years. We have a ritual that we meet on Saturday mornings or around lunch time. However, Diana is out of town; and I do not go there without her unless I absolutely have to. I guess you could say that we have been having double-dates with Sam. Anyway I do not like to go to Sherman by myself, so a few of the items that were on my list I bought on the computer. My pets needed fleas pills, so rather than find a vet that would sell them to me without actually taking Princess, Missy, and Sachmo in - I just bought them online and saved $40 bucks. I did say that we were shopping online. Yes, Rick was on his computer buying a special Bermuda grass seed with four different kinds in it. Just FYI, grass is really expensive if you have not priced 25 pounds before. Next I made plans for my next travel experience next month. You know I probably should have gone to Sherman by myself. A date with Sam would have been cheaper.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ways to Import Pictures

The layout of pictures is a little "qwirky." This is for the class that I am teaching.

Image >Layout >none Small picture
The picture was taken in Orveto, Italy of a Drumo or another ABC (Another Beautiful Church)

This picture was taken in Pisa, Italy. I did not rotate it for this because I am showing examples of layouts. This layout the image was on the left.

This picture was taken at the Pont Du Guard in Nimes, Italy.
The layout of the image was in the center.

Another Beautiful Church or a Drumo. The layout of the image was to the right.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday has always been a special day to me for various reasons. Our parents got married on Good Friday many years ago, and were married for 49 years. The last day that we talked and visited with our dad was on a Good Friday. He passed away the next day, the Saturday morning before Easter Sunday. While my boys were growing up, I went to Falls Creek as a sponsor for about 9 years straight on Easter weekend. I have many great memories of the sleepless nights, the shaving cream fights, the water balloons, and the shuffling of kids back and forth for athletic events somewhere. The Good Friday in 2002 was the first time that Rick and I went out together. This past Good Friday was no disappointment. It just so happened that it correlated with National Sibling Day, which just so happened that our brother is in town for his yearly visit. So the three of us plus Chad hung out together. We went to Sherman and did our Easter shopping. We visited our aunt. Then that night we went to Babe's with our family and Keelie's. It was so much fun watching them with four kids, which brought back memories of us out with our four children.