Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Extra Thing

I just started my 32 first week of school. It was busy as usual, but very boring to write about. So I thought I would write about great memories I have of the boys and school starting. In the fall of 1987, Greg started to kindergarten. I cried - he didn't. School shopping was fun - yes, I did enjoy the hunt to find everything on that infamous list. Diana and I would take all the kids to Walmart. However, the best part of it all was that each child got to pick out "one extra thing." Oh, the suspense as the four children would go up and down each aisle in search of that "one extra thing" that would be special for the upcoming school year. Some of the choices might be a fancy writing instrument, flavored markers, stickers, or a "trapper-keeper," I believe they were called. Our traditions did not end there. On the first day of school, we always posed for the official school picture. Oh, what memories of my 'One Life Lived.' My request for each of you children is to leave me a comment on your favorite one extra thing. Yes, Jenna, you too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fotos

Paul McCartney at the piano.

Rick at a stream at the mountains two weeks ago.

This buck and his friend were always around at the cabin.

How about me! I actually got pictures on the computer on a Friday. I would love to say that I am going to do better. The rest of the family are really putting me to shame. I have been challenged by Ms. Blog, herself, that I could do better if I would try. So watch out - I may change my background (again).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Sir in Jerry's World

For my birthday, my husband gave me tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney at the new Cowboy Stadium. We went on Wednesday night, August 19, which is already a very special day in my life. The night was wonderful except for the fact that our seats were "too good." This is the third time that we have seen him together. So this time Rick decided to get floor seats. Now I don't know if you know what happens on the floor at a concert, but all the people stand and dance - the entire concert. Now Paul does not put on a shabby concert. He sung 36 songs - yes we did count them with paper and pen. Before he came on a band from Ireland played for 40 minutes. We then had some sound trouble, so Paul did not even come on stage until 8:45 - 9:00. At 11:30 he was singing 'Hey Jude'. "Live and Let Die" was one of the neatest song productions I have every seen. On the way home, Rick commented that he was still vibrating to "Helter Skelter". The next day I could not get "I can't Get you Out of My Mind" out of my mind. That is coincidental.
The stadium is awesome. The screens are unbelievable. They have some problems they have not worked out yet. The biggest one we found was how to get people on the floor for a concert.
My home internet is down. When it is back, I promise to post a few of my favorite pictures. I also have some mountain pictures to post. They are coming. I know that I missed Friday Fotos again.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fotos

I am tired of the heat, so I chose a picture with some snow in it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Birthday Cartoon

I tried to find something "cute" to put on my blog for my birthday. I just could not find the right cartoon; then I found this picture. I used it in my homemaking classes, but I really did not know anything about the history of the picture or where it came from. It is a New Yorker cartoon with many different viewpoints on what it was referring to when it was printed. However, I chose it because as I get older each year there are more similarities in my mother and me. I do not mean for this to be negative in any way toward my mother. She was one great lady. It is just as we get older we hear things coming out of our mouths that our moms would have said. Also I cannot deny the fact that I do resemble my mother. Rick is always quick to point this out.

I did have a great birthday. Diana cooked a delicious meal for me, and I got to share it with Jenna and Jonah. God blessed us with a rain shower (storm) and cooler temperatures later this afternoon.