Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Birthday Cartoon

I tried to find something "cute" to put on my blog for my birthday. I just could not find the right cartoon; then I found this picture. I used it in my homemaking classes, but I really did not know anything about the history of the picture or where it came from. It is a New Yorker cartoon with many different viewpoints on what it was referring to when it was printed. However, I chose it because as I get older each year there are more similarities in my mother and me. I do not mean for this to be negative in any way toward my mother. She was one great lady. It is just as we get older we hear things coming out of our mouths that our moms would have said. Also I cannot deny the fact that I do resemble my mother. Rick is always quick to point this out.

I did have a great birthday. Diana cooked a delicious meal for me, and I got to share it with Jenna and Jonah. God blessed us with a rain shower (storm) and cooler temperatures later this afternoon.

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