Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sam - stood up today!

Greg wrote a blog about the "landline" telephone; and how it has changed our lives. Well, I thought about how the internet has changed our shopping habits. Here it is Saturday morning, and WE are shopping online. Now you have to realize that Sam Walton and I have been dating for about 30 years. We have a ritual that we meet on Saturday mornings or around lunch time. However, Diana is out of town; and I do not go there without her unless I absolutely have to. I guess you could say that we have been having double-dates with Sam. Anyway I do not like to go to Sherman by myself, so a few of the items that were on my list I bought on the computer. My pets needed fleas pills, so rather than find a vet that would sell them to me without actually taking Princess, Missy, and Sachmo in - I just bought them online and saved $40 bucks. I did say that we were shopping online. Yes, Rick was on his computer buying a special Bermuda grass seed with four different kinds in it. Just FYI, grass is really expensive if you have not priced 25 pounds before. Next I made plans for my next travel experience next month. You know I probably should have gone to Sherman by myself. A date with Sam would have been cheaper.

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  1. Wow, Mom let a saturday slide w/o a trip to Wal-Mart?? I think some place very warm may be about to freeze over!