Monday, February 16, 2009

Spiritual Markers

We were challenged in Sunday School to have a list of our spiritual markers  in our life. I thought I would do some brainstorming here, then I would write some entries about some of these. Many events in my life have had an affirmation from God in the form of a found penny (or other coin). Pennies are very special to me for this reason. I will never walk over a dropped penny. All those who know and love me the most know how special a found penny is to me.
  • under conviction - the church pew, the bedroom, and the preacher's office
  • the rainbow on a skating night
  • the revival service at Bearcat stadium summer 1972
  • getting married
  • my Master's test
  • Van Alstyne / Gunter transfer
  • the crashed Buick
  • Greg's first car
  • Chad's mustang
  • Greg's golf tournament
  • Greg's Cross Country meet
  • Rick and I
  • The farm truck
  • Oh My! the list could go on forever!!!
I have lots of stories to be told because of this "one life lived".

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