Saturday, January 1, 2011

Highlights of 2010

Some of the highlights/happenings for 2010 in NO particular order.
  • Moved Chad to Conway, Arkansas.
  • Missy and Princess both died..
  • Chad had his tonsils out.
  • Very successful fireworks season with rain at the perfect time.
  • Washington DC with the kids.
  • Trips with the ladies.
  • Mission trip to Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Sprinkler show in Boston.
  • Started 33 year of teaching.
  • Remodeled the kitchen.
  • Grandchildren did great in baseball and football.
  • Fishing off the dock with the grandchildren.
  • Visits to the Indians.
  • Built the house for the Victory Project.
  • Good health other than the Vitiligo worsened.
I heard an old song this morning say that "it doesn't get much better than this." I give God all the glory for this year. God blessed us really well.

Happy New Year!

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