Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Project - Happy Birthday, Daddy

In the last 8 years, Rick and I have restored and redone many items from lake houses, my kitchen, to quilt chests, chairs, and the lists go on. This weekend we went to Lubbock to pick up another project.  We are going to be out of our league on this one. This one is actually one of my "wants." In fact that is why I actually acquired this. Greg found it, and had heard me say that I wanted one of these; so when one of his friend's business had one for sale, Greg called me to see if I wanted it. Of course I did - sight unseen.

Sight unseen. The suspense Saturday morning almost killed me as we waited to get into the warehouse to see it. We had no idea what shape it would be in, what model it was, if it would roll, or how we were going to get it on the trailer. We did KNOW that it would not run.

Finally, we got in the warehouse (Greg did have a few blond moments along the way, but that is OK. Rick and I are not telling the whole story about our trip out to Lubbock. We are not ready to be compared to Short and Jack. Maybe, Fred and Ethel.)  Here is what we found!

1948 Willys CJ Jeep

We found this information out by finding the serial number and then looking it up on the Internet. Even though this one looks like the war jeeps; it was made in 1948. The war jeeps had a MA in the serial number  for "military action." If the number had CJ in it, it was a civilian jeep.

Why would I be fascinated with one of these? It reminds me of my father. I know that we had one when I was a very young girl. I have heard many stories of my brother driving the jeep when he was in elementary school. Later Daddy had one for the deer leases. He rolled one in Colorado, cracking several of his ribs.  He later had one on his Jacksboro deer lease. The only time we went to the deer lease was for a day trip just to see the lease. He took Diana and I riding in this jeep. The men on the lease made a pack that which ever man lived the longest got the jeep. I am sorry to say that Daddy did not win. This week was Daddy's birthday - January 25. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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