Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a Week!

This week was just as fun-filled as I was expecting. Here are the highlights of the week:

The Ranger game last Saturday night was NO disappointment to any Ranger fan. It had all the elements for a great game. We came from behind. The score was 14 -5, so we got to see lots of action with lots of home runs. We had wonderful seats with a great view. Fun people were around us. And we won the American League Championship with all the confetti and hoop-la.

I got to visit with Tara and Chad before he left the country again. We celebrated his birthday since he will be gone, which meant good family time. Even though it took 31 hours to get there, Chad is back in Singapore until Christmas and the wedding. 

Sunday night was our night to go see Rascal Flatts for our anniversary. It was another great concert. This is one of the newer groups that we have seen, which was evident by two major facts. We were some of the oldest people at the concert, and we had to STAND for the ENTIRE concert. On Monday when we went back to work, our bodies knew that we had been to a major ballgame and concert. Rick said he was glad to go to work where he could sit down - which is a joke, because if you know Rick you know he never sits down for too long - anywhere.

Thursday and Friday I spent in Oklahoma City at the largest craft fair I care to go to. Every year that we go it seems to get larger and larger. I got claustrophobic at one point - way too many people in much too small of spot (there are 7 buildings at the state fair complex jam packed with "stuff.")

Thanks to God for a great week! (Sorry no pictures. I dumped them on to my external drive, and did not go retrieve them.)

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  1. Glad I finally got to see you!! and thank you for my "birthday" celebration haha. It was a VERY fun weekend