Monday, October 31, 2011

Rick's Family Reunion

On Thursday, the three Streetman brothers, Teresa, Abby, and I went to the mountains for a family reunion on their mother’ side of the family.  Before we got to Amarillo the temperature dropped, and it started snowing . By the time we got to the cabin it had snowed 6-8 inches. The snow covered setting gave me a great opportunity to take pictures with my camera without freezing to death.
The "snow-covered" front steps and deck.

 We had a great time visiting with his cousins. A few were some that they had not seen in years. It was fun hearing the stories of when they visited each other as children or memories of each others’ parents. I even heard some Jack and Short stories that I had not heard before, as well as many of the classics.
A favorite of mine - the palisades.

We cooked a meal Friday for a few of the cousins that came in early. We had five Streetmans in the kitchen cooking at one time. Saturday morning we went into Taos. We felt the need to visit the Pueblos for a short time. Only two of us got scalped. Randy got to keep his hair. We cooked, and then we visited with the family some more. In all there were 10 out of 15 living cousins in attendance with 7 spouses.
The cousins.

I know that the boys occasionally give Jack a hard time in the stories they tell, Rick and Randy are quick to tell how they had to wear a shirt to the dinner table, no longer were they able to run around the house in their underwear, and they had to shut the door when they used the bathroom.  But when you go to the cabin that Jack and Short built, you cannot help but see a different side to the man that changed the Streetman boys’ lives and the man that “ruled” Gunter schools for so many years. 

Abby's favorite place at the cabin.

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