Sunday, October 2, 2011

Memories and Dreams

1965 Cobra - My Dream Car
This weekend Rick's brother took his classic car to a car show at the Texas Motor Speedway to participate in the Goodguys National Car show. This was a HUGE deal. Participants could either show their cars off, sell their cars, or both. There were around 2000 custom and classic cars. Thousands of people came out to see this extravaganza. As we walked around there were two conversations that were on-going. The first was people going down memory lane at the cars telling a story about who had it, whether it be parents, self, or friends.  The second conversation was which car the person dreamed of owning. I was guilty of both. As I was drooling over one of my dream cars, Chad called. Kidingly, I told him I was going to spend his inheritance on my dream car - a 1965 Cobra!

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