Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sprinkler Show 2011

This week was our annual AFSA Sprinkler show with Rick's job. It was not one of the most exciting ones that we have had the privilege to attend, but we did make the best of a local venue. It was in San Antonio. I had not been there in 10 years, so I wanted to experience all the "touristy" things one more time. 

Bonnie and Clyde's car in the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

Highlights of the trip!

  • The Alamo
  • The river boat ride
  • Excellent food and a nice hotel on the river
  • The trolley - Hop a Bus Tours (I did this one by myself.)
  • The old historical hotels - Menger, Gunter, St. Anthony's
  • Sunset at the top of the Tower of America's 
  • A 4D action show/film in the Tower of America's - great show
  • The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum - great museum
I tried to convince the guys that watching the sun "set" at the top of the tower would be romantic. Of course, I took some ridicule for this; but this simple country girl, loved it. It was nice seeing the sunset and then watching the lights gradually come on all across downtown San Antonio.
The stupid thing we did was run down 18 flights of stairs. Our hotel room was on the eighteenth floor. The first day Rick said that we could just run down the stairs rather than walk around to the elevator. Our room was the very last room on the the floor with a stairwell next to our room. So it sounded like a quick way to get down. However, no one would have guessed that going down stairs uses muscles that are not normally used. We all had sore legs for the remainder of the trip.
Jot Gunter's Hotel in San Antonio
 On the way home, it was the boys' day. Rick's brother had made the comment on the way down that he had always wanted to stop at the Snake Farm. So Saturday - we did. I have to say that it was much more than any of us expected. It did have around 80 snakes, but many other animals. It has birds, monkeys, zebra, longhorn cows, foxes, deer, pigs, llamas, alligators, and many other strange animals.
Randy's "Dream" Stop
We also stopped at two classic car collections/museums. As usually, for the amount of time that we were gone; we did cover a lot of ground. Next year is Hawaii. I am not for sure that I can do all the touristy things in three days. I am thinking that they are going to have to give us a couple of extra days or leave me to come home by myself.

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