Tuesday, October 20, 2009

California - What a Trip!

Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream?
Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood,...

I can't wait to share my pictures with you, Greg and Chad. After the Florida trip, you said I had to pick out ONE picture to share with you. I guarantee you, that is impossible with this trip. You can't see San Diego and L.A., and say pick one. I could not even pick one thing to write about, so I think for this post I will take the boys' approach and do random thoughts of my trip to California.

1. The beaches are wonderful and indescribable. You really have to experience it yourself - the breeze off the water, the waves, the boats, the beach houses, the white sand, and the surfers. This trip the waves were high enough that I saw people surfing.

2. Pretty Woman - I did all the stops that were in this great movie. However, The Beverly Wilshire Hotel is not as tall as one would expect after watching Julia Roberts in the balcony scene.

3. Hollywood - Just call me a "tourist". I did not even try to hide the fact. I had my camera out snapping pictures of all my favorite "stars", footprints and hand prints.

4. We had Sunday brunch at the world famous Beverly Hills hotel, the place where this Marilyn lost her life. Most people go here hoping to get a glance of a star. Since I do not know too many famous people, I was taking in all the other sites. Rick was taking in all the "boobs and Botox". Lots of dollars are spent on these! Speaking of lots of dollars, I think this could have been the most expensive meal that I have ever eaten. Some of you may be wondering how did the "country girl and boy" dress for this citified event. Well, for you who know Rick - No one died, so he did NOT have anything on but his jeans and T-shirt. I did put on black jeans and sandals for the day. We were a little under-dressed by Hollywood standards, but we did not care. I was happy, and Rick was comfortable!

5. Home Sweet Home - California style or Gunter style. Give me my home on the hill any day of the week. The couple we stayed with the last two nights had a very beautiful, expensive, small house with NO yard. I asked Brian if he cut the grass with scissors. Anything else would have been a waste of money. I am not kidding, the yard had no more grass than my kitchen dining table. The yard did have a very nice patio, hot tub, shrubs, and tropical plants. I also have to add they had a few crazy neighbors. While Rick and Brian were outside, the neighbor shot them several times--- with a hairdryer.

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  1. Thanks for the "tour."

    I'm so glad the "real deal Marilyn" made it back safely. Missed you!