Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh! It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Marilyn's To Do
For decorating the house for Christmas

My goal is to start the week before Thanksgiving, so that I do not have to spend the time off I have for Thanksgiving for decorating. This is a challenge because I do have a trip planned to Ruidosa the week before Thanksgiving.

1. Take down all pictures and move out things to get ready for Christmas.
2. Dust and clean.

Now the transformation begins. This is the order that it normally takes place. I do this very methodically, and it does take time and energy.

3. Hang 10 wreaths.
4. The village on the bookcase
5. Nativity set on the mantle.
6. Decorate dinner table and kitchen counter.
7. Unload quilt box of trinkets.
8. Bring out the bears and other animals
8. Assemble and put lights on trees.
9. Decorate den tree
10. Decorate gameroom tree
11. Get greenery and poinsettas out
12. Empty storage box in gameroom
13. Tie bows on anything plain

I think if there is a way to describe my house during the holidays it is "gawdy." The movie "Christmas Vacation" is a good description of the inside of my house.

14. When the boys come in for Thanksgiving, then the lights and yard decorations go out.

It is hard to believe that this transformation is just a few weeks away.


  1. Your house sounds like my Mom-in-laws USED to look, before she lost the energy to do it.
    You need grandkids! oh, I mean, you need
    daughter-in-laws, and then grandkids.

  2. I love #13..."Tie bows on anything plain"! That's awesome haha! It actually sounds a lot like my house and my mother's house during the season..."gawdy" is overrated, sounds beautiful.

  3. M,
    Thanks for creating this list. As you know, it's ditto, ditto at my house.
    By the way, this list works for Keelie's post because it can be any kind of list!! So hey save yourself some time in case it's time for jellymaking again. Love

  4. I love to see your house transformed. Interesting to now know there is a methodical plan you have for yourself! I had no idea there were 10 wreaths!!I will be looking for them now. Your list made me excited!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  5. It sounds so festive. Please post pictures of the final product. It's much more fun to put up decorations than to take them down again.

  6. I'd love to see pictures of your house when you're done! It sounds lovely!

  7. I love that you have a "system" for putting out the decorations... I do it so randomly and it seems to be a mess for the majority of December! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Tie a bow on anything that doesn't move is my plan! Plaid taffeta bows are so good! Ten wreaths! A dream come true - I only have five.
    Happy decorating; it sounds like your family has a wonderful time!
    Jayne at mysongwithin

  9. Christmas decor makes a home so magical! Your home sounds amazing for the holidays. Would love to see pics on your blog when it's all done.

    I'm here with TWOC:

  10. I wish I was a list maker. Maybe then getting ready for Christmas would be easier. But that takes work & I'm allergic to work. And I love the Griswold's!!!

  11. i love that you call your house decorations gaudy - wtg - go all out and do what you like, can't wait to see it :D