Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat - Through the Years

When I was a child, several things took place on this holiday. The usual Trick or Treating was a given, but the things special to our time was what would happen after the children went home. The high schoolers would go get all the cotton trailers and move them to the school yard. The other thing that would happen is an old outhouse would be moved in front of the high school to block the entrance. It was a treat to get to school the next morning, to see all this.

When I was a teenager, no longer did Gunter have a cotton gin with cotton trailers, and all the outhouses were gone or in too bad of shape to be moved. However, we did have our mischief. It was in the form of rotten eggs, water balloons, and shoe polish. It has taken me 35+ years to start back eating eggs after these Halloween experiences.

When I had children, Halloween completed the circle back to children trick-or-treating for candy. There are many great memories - Dawn and Bill's house is always at the top. She was always a clown; and Bill, a spook, in the yard. After the children got older, we went to their house for a snack. Chad even went back to help pass out candy. Other favorites when the kids were little are Butch Farmer's house and Anna Jo Reed's popcorn balls.

The circle continues. Greg now hosts a Halloween party for his group. It is always interesting to see the pictures from this event. Costumes are usually great. I am anxiously waiting to see this years pictures. Our grandchildren are adorable in their costumes.

What are some of your memories?? Please share.

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  1. When Halloween comes around each year, I always think back on the many Halloween Carnivals back in the day...... The bake sales that each elementary grade had during October, and waiting until that night to find out which grade had raised the most money to get their princess crowned queen!

    Oohhh, I might just have stumbled on a future post!