Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break - "DONE" list

Well I was going to sit down on Friday and list everything that I wanted to get done this week. I feel like I am home alone. My sister has left me, so I have no partner in crime this week. Therefore, I had high hopes of the things that I wanted to do this. Well it is already Sunday, and that list is not made. So I decided to take another approach and report as things get done. This has been our method of doing a "to do" list these last several summers. We do it, we write it down, and then put the check beside it. So I will begin here with what has been done so far:
1. Went to the lakehouse and work on the bunk house.
2. Visited with Gregory a few minutes on Friday.
3. Cleaned my car and patio.
4. Bought seeds and planters to start our garden inside to transplant latter.
5. Chopped weeds in the yard and planted a few bulbs. 

We have already made 3 trips to Lowes and 1 trip to Home Depot. 

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  1. Good job on the blog. Looking forward to reading about your soap opera!