Thursday, March 19, 2009

The List goes on!

14. Today was my day to get a haircut and meet Miss Clairol.
15. Scanned some more of Randy's pictures.
16. Kept the grandkids. 

Everytime I keep Cade and Cali together I understand why God gives you babies when you are young, and lets you be grandparents when you are older. With Cali you have to be on constant watch, because EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. Cade is a great "big brother". He is always so eager to help with Cali.
17. Bought sandals.
18. Took Rick for a medical procedure.
19. Bought plants for front flower bed.

Buying shoes is almost as tortuous as shopping for clothes. I refuse to try to wear any shoe that has a strap that goes between my toes and I have crooked toes from three surgeries on my feet; therefore, I have several challenges before I ever enter a shoe store. It seems that the only shoes that are left are the shoes that my mother wore. (I am my mother's daughter - which is an entire blog in itself.) I know the brands well; and they are just like a magnet - they pull me to them. After trying every possible shoe in three shoe stores, I did find a pair of sandals that got to come home with me, and they are not SAS or Striderite. 

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