Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The "Done" List Continues

Monday was a great day to get started on my Sherman list. Some of the things "done" were:
6. Renewed my passport.
7. Had the oil changed in my car.
8. Bought a Frommer's for our next trip.
9. Made cookies for the freezer

On Tuesday, I continued with my list.
10. Took my elderly aunt to the dollar store. (This is the only place that she wanted to go. I was willing to take her anywhere she wanted to go- to eat or shop. I guess at age 85, Dollar General is pretty exciting.)
11. Decorated for Easter
12. Started scanning pictures for Randy Miller's wedding video. 
13. Shopped for spring clothes.

I cannot believe something that I used to love to do, I detest so much today. Shopping for clothes used to be fun; however, the last several years it has become such a nightmare. I guess my age is showing. The clothes in the store seem to be getting uglier each year. So many off the styles are the clothes that I wore twenty-five years ago. The babydoll or princess look was cute years ago. Today it does not look as flattering on a fifty year old. The large flowered prints is another example, although I did force myself to choose one. I did get a couple of tops and a pair of capris, just in case, I do not go out again and brave the shopping torture. 

Keylyn came to see us.

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  1. Your long list of things accomplished is good!! I'll be behind, huh?