Friday, May 4, 2012

Three Stooges Hay Baling

Three Stooges studying the situation while eating.

First Bale

I may get in trouble for writing this one, but last week had been one of those weeks. Rick and his "other" brothers had been trying to cut, rake, and bale the hay crop. First, Rick and Greg replaced the spikes on the rake the week before. Monday and Tuesday nights the cutter had to be tinkered with. The third night finally the hay got cut. Next was the hay baler episodes. The guys worked all day Saturday and averaged one bale of hay per hour. The boys were bruised, tired, and scratched up. The hay baler won round one. Sunday was a new day. Same story - second verse. They took Monday off, because they thought the hay might be a little too wet. Tuesday, same story - third verse. The rest of the story is history. The guys decided to buy a new baler. It is Friday afternoon, and we are waiting on the delivery of the new equipment. I made several comments through the week that the old-time farmers, including my dad, are smiling down at these guys trying to figure out how to make these piece of machineries work. Rick's comment is that they are saying, "been there, done that."

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