Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I guess since my quiet time Friday morning before school, I have been missing my mother. During our morning announcements at school Friday, Mrs. Murphy mentioned how the kids should tell the mother figure in their life how much they appreciate all they do for them. I think most of the kids ignored her, but tears streamed down my face, as I wished that I could have one more chance with my mom. As I get older   I see my mother in the mirror as I put on my makeup, but I know that I am not half the woman that she was. I just hope that she knew or knows the great influence she was and still is daily in my life.

She was one great Christian, southern lady, full of beauty,(inside and out) and grace. Mother was the epitome of a role model for any young woman. Diana did a great job describing our mother in this post:

Bennie Henderson Scoggins, I thank God for blessing my life with you as my mother. You were the best!

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