Monday, April 16, 2012

A Great Week End

Talk about random, this last Wednesday to Sunday was about as random as can be. Wednesday night Rick and I picked Chad up at the airport. I had a great Thursday with him. Then off to Dallas he went to catch up with Dave and the rest of his friends. Rick and I were off to the races; however, we had a blowout on our travel trailer on I35. Thanks to Rick and Diana they came to our rescue just in the knick of time. Only one tire shop was open at 7:30 at night. We finally got our trailer set up at the racetrack, and off to the airport Diana and I went again at midnight. Jerry came in from Cambodia. We did all the normal race activities. We had great family time with Jenna, a friend, Justin, and Jonah. The races were disappointing, we did not get to see one wreck! Saturday night at midnight we decided to pack up and come home because a storm was brewing. Sunday was the end to a great week. I had ALL my family, except Tara - the newest member in my family, in my house at one time, for a meal of course. Tara, you were missed!

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