Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Fun-filled Week

I was so blessed last week with some very fun activities.

  • Rick and I got to go see the game that the Rangers lost in the World Series on Monday. I have to admit my theory was wrong; I just knew the Rangers would win. My thought was that it was a money thing and the series would go at least one more game. Especially so the SF Giants could win at home.
  • We went to the thank you rally for the the Rangers on Wednesday night with two of his daughters and two grandsons. I love what Nolan Ryan has done with Rangers baseball. This truly put the "period" on the finale of a great baseball season.
  • We finished the week off with our Redneck weekend. This is the first time that Di and I had all four of our kids there. Each race weekend is totally different and memorable. This one was no disappointment. The races were good - even though there were no bad wrecks. We celebrated Chad's birthday. Food was delicious. Karaoke was entertaining. Fun was had by all. 
Life is good!!! 

1 comment:

  1. I actually enjoyed it! look forward to spending more bdays at the races!