Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am a (sick) Princess

Yesterday I heard three of the worst words you can hear next to "you have Cancer." I was told that I have diabetes. I have been loosing weight since the summer. I drink water continuously and am always thirsty -day and night. However, the worst part is I have no energy. Yes, I know you are thinking that I am an old lady. I understand that I am not going to have to go through the treatments and the insulin shots. My diet will be changed. NO MORE sugar and the table scraps will have to be watched more carefully. I will be put on a high protein, high fiber, and low fat diet. I understand that I may have to share my domain with another lady really soon. They want me to teach her how to be a guard dog on the hill. I just hope that she is a quick learner and not too pesty. I would hate to put her in her place too early.
I am the Princess!
This post was guest authored by Princess, my 14 year old lab.

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