Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Soldiers Came

The dedication service was more spectacular than I could even imagine. Diana and I got there one hour and fifteen minutes early. We were greeted by two men dressed up and a buglar. I was impressed. Shortly another soldier appeared. At this time we were so excited that we started texting a few friends that the Confederates had arrived. However, that was not the end. In the next forty-five minutes, eighteen more solders and three widows appeared. We felt like we were a part of "Sweet Home, Alabama" when they did the war re-enactment scenes.

The service was a perfect tribute to Lindsey and Julia. Nelda had the Eulagy memorized. Marlon's solo and  "Taps" by the buglar brought tears to my eyes. WOW! is all that could be said about the soldiers, the 21 gun salute, and the three cannon shots. Then when we thought we had experienced it all, the widows performed the "Black Rose ceremony".

It was a perfect the day. We met more Scoggin/Scogginses and visited with the ones we were already familiar with. I did appreciated that Chad and Tara were with me to experience this day in history (I did NOT make him come).  The lady from the funeral home summed the event up best by saying that this was by far the neatest thing that she had ever witnessed at a memorial service.

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