Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy and Getting Crazier by the Day

There is no doubt that I can be and have been called the crazy "mom," "sister," or"aunt." I now have a new title; I am now the "crazy cousin." But that is ok with me. I and some of my very distant cousins are planning a tombstone dedication ceremony this Saturday for my Great-great grandfather and mother. They were buried over 100 years ago. He fought in the Civil War, which it is 150th anniversary of the Civil War, so we are having a special ceremony for this, too.

He never had a marker, and hers had broken into three pieces. We have had both of them a new marker made and her old marker set in a cradle to preserve it.

With the genealogy that I am involved with, each new piece of information that I come across is a jewel. This last week I received several jewels to take to the ceremony to share with others. I have my grandparents' family Bible, Papa's pocket watch, and Granny's glasses.

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