Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bird Season = Rain, Rain, and more RAIN

As I said in an earlier post about a tradition continues. Well another one also continues. It seems like the beginning of bird season brings on the rain. During the Fourth of July when we were diligently praying for rain, Rick said several times that it will rain sometime - what a profound statement. The rest of us with Scoggins blood, joked that it would rain September 1. We were ALL right! However, we never dreamed that we would get so much rain. By 2:00 today we had already had 6 inches; and it is still flooding. If you think you hear some complaining in my voice, you misunderstood me. I am thrilled to death, as it is an answer to prayer We needed rain for the hay, the tanks, and the ground. The picture is before the rain on Labor Day. I will post another picture when I can get back to the pond for an after shot. It is God's timing.

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