Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oreos and Milk - In Memory of a Great Lady

June 21, 1923 - Bennie Henderson Scoggins was born. What a great lady! Many posts have been written about her by Diana and I; so on this day instead of writing a post about how great she was, Diana and I chose to do something different.
We ate oreos and milk in memory of her. On Fridays when the kids were little, we would go to her house for oreo cookies and milk in celebration of surviving another school week or in celebration of the weekend. However you want to look at the celebration, it was a great tradition that was shared by a grandmother, her daughters, and grandchildren. This was another way to instill in our children that the love of a family is one of life's greatest blessings.

So mom, this snack was for you. We love you.

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  1. Great memories! I ate a many of oreos with her. Fridays were the best!