Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is Finished - Almost

I have not blogged a long time about my kitchen. It is almost finished. We had Rick's birthday party at the house the end of May which helped move the process along faster. He is now waiting on a rainy day to finish!

 Cooking in the kitchen is wonderful.  The food does not taste any better, but it is fun to cook in the new setting. I am about to learn where everything is, and only a few things have been totally lost. It is hard to say what is my favorite, but it might be the countertops. Sorry Chad, I know you loved the old yellow countertop. The biggest difference is the convection oven. I still have not got that down. I have a tendency to cook cakes and bread too long, and I do not cook cookies long enough. I will just have to practice more.

I have talked about this and waited years for this remodel to take place. The wait has been well worth it. I have to give Rick the majority of the credit. Even though he called us the "inferior decorators" with lots of trips and returns to Lowe's and Home Depot, he did a beautiful job with his workmanship. He also displayed a great deal of patience with the project and me. Patience is not a virtue that we usually equate with Rick, but he was so good to go with me and look and look and look. Then he also allowed us to take back and back and back.

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  1. Beautiful kitchen, Marilyn! I am getting worried about Diana. Is she doing okay, after her surgery?