Sunday, March 21, 2010

Phase 2 Continued and Random Highlights of Spring Break 2010

Since my last post several things have taken place.

  • New lower cabinets installed.
  • Countertop installed.
  • Cooktop, range, microwave installed.
  • Lights installed in bottom cabinets. Rick fixed them where they will come on when the door is opened. 
  • Kitchen items returning to the kitchen.

The big decision for now is what to do with the blacksplashes. This weekend we made the weekly trips to the stores to make a decision on what to do with this areas. We did bring several different sizes and kinds of tiles home to create a pattern that we can live with. The kitchen is really coming together nicely. I really think that we are ahead of schedule. We still do not have a sink or water in the kitchen, but life is good.

Spring Break Highlights.

  • A trip to Fredricksberg which included great food, browsing stores, a music show, a historic museum, and a flea market.
  • A tour of LBJ's house and a working farm.
  • An overnight trip to Shreveport.
  • SNOW!


  1. WOW....Kitchen looks great! Cant wait to see it in person.

  2. Love the remodel! They can be so hard to go through, but yours looks Wonderful!
    Nice blog!