Sunday, March 7, 2010

Phase 2

We have now moved into phase 2 this week. Chad, your last look at the yellow countertops! Accomplishments this week were:
  • electrical wire for the oven and tv wire run
  • bottom cabinets, stove and sink torn out
  • new oven installed
  • bottom cabinets stained and set in the kitchen (not mounted, yet)
  • countertops chosen
It did take two more trips to Dallas to find the countertops. I took off a half a day of work to go look. Diana went with me. After making my selection, I got home only to find out that the size of granite I chose is not big enough for my kitchen. So Rick and I went back on Saturday. We did make another selection. Rick asked another couple if this was normal in the process. They assured him that it was very normal; they had been to seven slab yards that day. Rick and I only went to four in the last eight days; we just went to one of them three times. Each time we chose something different than the time before.


  1. Well, I can say I am envious of your shopping trips...they can be hectic.
    Hi, I am a Texas blogger with a list of same and will add your name to my list.

    Please come and visit and follow along.