Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Tribute to a Great Lady

This weekend is Mother's Day. Last week at our Bible study Mother kept coming to my mind throughout the night. Using the title from our study, Bennie Henderson Scoggins was the Martha in "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha's World;" and a great lady she was. So this blog is going to be a tribute to her and the legacy that she left to us. I will be adding to this as the week goes on. If you are reading this as a grandchild, feel free to add your stories.
1. Mother was the epitome of a Christian. She read her Bible, she prayed before every meal that she every ate, and she did not miss church until her health declined. She went three times a week or as we used to say - every time the door was opened, she was there. She did not ever drink, smoke or cuss. Her ministry was to send words of encouragement through the mail. Proverbs 31 was written with her in mind - "Her family will rise and call her blessed" (paraphrased as usual).
It is said that when you are squeezed or down -what is inside comes out. Well good things came out of Mother. The last time that she was in the hospital for a lengthy stay, we were with her almost around the clock. One of the nights that I stayed with her and she was a little disillusioned, she literally said her good night prayers all night long. Every time that I encouraged her to lets go to sleep, her response was that we had to say our prayers. She would say her prayer, and would pray for everyone by name and what she wished for them or for blessings for them. Thirty minutes later the whole process started over.

Other stories to come - food and cooking; clothing; cleanliness; holidays; family; teaching us to be little ladies- right from wrong.
I will also find a couple of pictures to add.

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  1. We were very fortunate and blessed! I've got a post, too.