Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Memories were made this Memorial Day weekend. I think I will do a list since I am too tired to write about each one.

1. Rough Rider game on Thursday
2. Went to the lake. Ate with family and friends on Friday night, then Music on Main in Denison to hear Marlon play the drums.
3.  Rick, Missy, and I sat around a fire pit and just chilled after we got back to the lake house. 
4. Randy agreed to come cook catfish at the lake. Diana, Jenna, and I planned Rick's birthday meal and then went to Walmart.
5. Justin brought kids out to the lake.
6. Great food. Catfish cakes were a big hit. 
7. Jenna and Ashley started jumping rope. The rest of us nuts joined right in. Diana hurt her foot, Teresa fell on her bottom, Randy's knee swelled two times its original size. The highlight was Randy, Rickie, Jenna, and Ashley all four jumped at the same time.
8. Jonah dug worms. They were deep fried in the catfish pot. Weisal and Rickie did eat one. Jonah started to eat one, until Jenna grabbed him.
9. This is Rick's birthday. SS and Church. Debbie Keats sang a song that words can't explain how good it was.
10.I went back to the lake. Before we packed up - I watered the grass we laid two weeks ago at the bunkhouse. Without me knowing, I flooded the bunkhouse. Then we had to sweep water out for the next hour.
11. We were invited to another fish fry. So we had more fish and catfish cakes with family and friends.  I will share the recipe later for the catfish cakes.
12.  Monday - Rick and I went to Lowe's to get the lumber for the dock. We screwed all the boards down. It is almost finished.
13. We then went to the garden to plow and replant a few vegetables.
14. Flats were fixed on the Ranger and Cade's bicycle. 

Needless to say, we are dragging right now. He has the foot massager on his feet right now. But I have to say (other than Jack LaLane) I do not know another person near his age that has his stamina and energy to go nonstop from sun up to sun down. I forgot to mention that he put an extension ladder on top of the lakehouse and leaned it against tree with a chainsaw on a pole to cut off some branches so that satellite TV would work. He did get it stuck in the tree, and that is where the calamity of this story took place. You would have had to see him 30-40 feet in the air with Big Rick with a ski rope tied around his body and the tree. It was memorable as was the entire weekend.

OK I have never been a person of a few words. My list got a little lengthy.



  1. Great weekend. Enjoyed it all. Yippee!! to a short week.

  2. Sounds fun! Put pictures of the dock up!

  3. Wow, your post made ME tired! Glad you had such a full and fun weekend

  4. Im pretty sure there's a video or too!!!