Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am My Dad's Child

            Last week I wrote about the influence that my mother was in my life. Yes, she was everything beautiful, gracious, and loving. But just as there is a balance in life, mother and daddy were a balance in ours. In our Bible study we have been studying about balancing Mary and Martha. In some situations Mother and Daddy were opposites just as these two ladies.

            Next month as Father’s Day approaches I will write several articles about the influences that he had in my life; however, for this blog I will write about a passions we both shared – Las Vegas. Through the years, he and mom went many times with the Kinnaird’s. Actually the first time I went was with Mother and Daddy in 1979. It was truly love at first sight - the lights, the music, and the SLOT machines. It was my first exposure to this form of entertainment. I had no idea what paid or how to bet. I learned that two cherries were good and you wanted things to match on the center line. Back in those days you played with real money and you pulled the arm on the side. I remember I would get rolls of nickels and play forever. At the end of the day your hands would be so dirty from the money.

            Today the machines are different. No dirty hands and the nickels have been replaced with a coupon or ticket that you just move from machine to machine. I am a big fan of the penny slots that have 15 to 20 lines max. I do have my favorites – Kenny Rogers, Money Storm, and 50 Lions were the ones that were good for me on this trip. I really do not sit at a slot machine and play, but I rove. My logic is three spins and I rove on if I do not hit. However, if I hit then I will stay until I have played either a dollar or three spins without hitting. I usually go in a line of the machines. As you can tell I am very methodical about my slots. I am never going to get rich or hit a BIG amount, because 15 cents a spin is not going to give you a lot. It is just the excitement of is it going to hit or let you play the bonus round. I think the other part of the challenge is how long will my twenty dollars last. With my method – it is amazing how long a person can play on a twenty.

            This morning as I was in bed thinking about coming home, I had to get up and go say good-bye to the one-arm bandits one last time. As I walked to the elevator, I was feeling nostalgic, because I knew if Daddy was alive he would have been with me. So I was doing this for us. I got my 10 dollar bill, and I was ready to start my farewell. As I got to the Money Storm slot, I looked down and there was a real penny on the floor. Yes – God is ok with me playing pennies, and I believe that He did have an angel leave it for me. Not only did it make me smile, but I actually left the machine with 6 dollars ahead to say goodbye to the other machines. When I cashed out, I did leave a penny in the change bin for someone else to find.

            I alluded to the fact that I love Vegas for several reasons. It is only fare that I mention all the attractions that go with Vegas. When I travel I do not miss much wherever I am. This trip was no different. We did all the usual tourist things, but this year we found a new one. At the Winn, they have a wall with a waterfall behind a pool with lights in the trees. I will share just a little of this with you. My camera did not do it justice, but you can get an idea.

            We did two shows. The last time I was here I did a little culture- Phantom of the Opera and humor. This time I did pure humor. We saw Gordie Brown and  Terry Fator. I highly recommend both of these guys. As the lady that sold me the tickets said, “Gordie Brown sure doesn’t hurt the eyes.”

            As I write this I am on the plane and my computer is losing its charge fast, so farewell to Vegas. Dad, you would have loved it. Diana, you were missed! She is one of the few people that I know that can sit or rove with me at penny slots. She has a little of our Dad in her, too.


  1. I think I may have just a little of Papa in me too! :)

  2. "a little" No. You have more than your share. Love!