Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Behind Again - Catch up!

Well, I got behind again. I guess I am just "too busy".  That is the line that Rick always says about me facetiously.

So a quick update!

Baseball Fever!
Zach and Peyton made it four rounds into the playoffs - 10 games. Nine of them were nail bitters down to the very last out. I know that you are not to do the "what ifs", but this year we could have made it to the state level - "if only". However, we have a lot to be thankful for. It was a great year for the Gunter Tigers. As always they were fun to watch.
Zach and Peyton 2017 Baseball

We did have to drive to almost the Louisiana border for one of the playoff games on a Thursday, so Rick and I took the opportunity to go on to Shreveport/Bossier City for the night. We stayed at the Horseshoe and played at several "boats" before we drove back home.

The Clairvoyants
Last season we watched "America's Got Talent" and got familiar with The Clairvoyants. So when they were in the area we went to see them. Oh my gosh! All night long we were continuously saying, "How did they do that?'

Memorial Day
We worked out at Brandi's on her decks and porches. Family time with the Fergusons. Chad and Tara came into town on Sunday and Monday. Mindi and her kids played baseball so we did not get to see them.

Canada, Oh Canada - the Ditzy Dolls were not the road again. This event gets it own post.

Hank Williams, Jr.
This was another concert that we did not know what to expect; but as usual,  it was FUN. He came out an sang for 30 minutes without stopping to talk. Then he started talking and singing about people that was important to him along life's way. He is a great impersonator, so as he spoke about one of these guys, he would change his hat or cap and sing a song that made that person famous. He played numerous instruments (the fiddle and piano were my favorite two).  He truly is a "rebel" that can put on a "rowdy" concert with his friends.

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