Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rickie Joel Streetman - May 24, 1950

Today, Rickie turns 67, and it is only fitting that I do a post about him. It did take some thought on how to write this, knowing that he would eventually see this. Many things come to my mind when I think of Rick, so these points are in NO order - just random thoughts of the man that took my heart after a difficult time in my life.
  • Rick is a hard-working man. He believes in work from sun-up to sun-down. If he does not have something to do, he will make something to do. 
  • Rick is a classic. He loves music and knows the words to many songs from the 60's and 70's. Also he loves classic cars from this time period. His dream car is a 67 GTO that he had when he was young. He has a vet from this time period, but he still wants the GTO.
  • Rick is a good, kind, simple man. He helps those in need and is kind to animals and bugs. He likes his cows and the land. He does not like those people that think they are important. He likes to wear faded blue jeans, plain t-shirts with small decals or logos - nothing flashy. He wears only a few colors - blue, grays, and greens ( all muted colors). He likes his food simple and plain, not too many seasonings or spices. 
  • Rick is proud of his heritage. He loves old "Gunter" and has lots of great stories of when his family had the hardware store. He knows the Bible. He listens to it by audio everyday. This year is the about the fourth time he has listened to the entire Bible read to him as he goes to work each day.
  • Rick loves and enjoys his girls and grandchildren. He likes to watch the sports they are involved in. He sometimes may be critical - the coach in him comes out. He sometimes acts like his mother and Jack at ballgames.
  • Rick is in great physical shape. He can outwork, move, climb, jump, run, etc better than men half his age. He thinks he is indestructible.  
  • Rick hates change - mainly technology. He does not like phone updates, new operating systems, or new printers. Passwords drive him crazy (and me, trying to keep up with his banking passwords). However, he does love some aspects of technology and gadgets. We have all kinds of surveillance cameras and high tech toys that must be working or he goes crazy. LOL 
However, there is one driving source behind Rickie Streetman that can be summed up in Alabama's song:

"I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)"

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why.

Don't know why
I have to drive so fast
My car has nothing to prove
It's not new
But it'll do 0 to 60 in 5.2.

Can't be late
I leave plenty of time
Shaking hands with the clock
I can't stop
I'm on a roll and I'm ready to rock.

I hear a voice
That say's I'm running behind
I better pick up my pace
It's a race
And there ain't no room
For someone in second place.

The song mentions a few other characteristics of Rick. He is always in a hurry, whether he is at work at TMC, the farm, or home. He drives fast and if you are in front of him, he will ride your bumper until you pull over or he can pass. Last, he does not like second place in anything. He believes in winning - whatever it is.

If you work with him, there are several sayings that you will hear from him that also goes with these other themes:
  • "Hurry every chance you get!"
  • "Can't see it from my house!"
  • I will end with the third one, "It's good enough for who it is for!"
Thanks for loving me and making me smile. I love you, Rick Streetman. 

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