Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shellye Cohagan Gressett

Today was the funeral and burial for Shellye, our great friend and traveling buddy's daughter. She lost her battle with depression and alcohol last Wednesday night,  February 22. The last six days have been an emotional roller coaster with many highs and lows - laughter and tears.

There are several things that we know for sure:
1. When we are in the valley is when we feel God's presence the most.
2. When we are in the valley is when we need God the most.
3. Surrounding yourself during grief with family and friends help the situation.

I found this song that spoke so personal to me. It is sung by Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling. (It's definitely worth "Googling" and listening to.)

                            "Knowing What I Know About Heaven"

I bet the trumpets played
And the angels sang every sweet refrain of Amazing Grace
And that heaven's hands opened up the gate
And the children danced when they saw your face
As happy as they were to see you coming
I was just as sad to have to watch you go

Where every single voice makes a joyful noise
How sweet the sound when the saints rejoice
To every broken heart and every wounded soul
New life begins on streets of gold
Where every tear is raining here from my eyes
I know the sun is shining where you are

Knowing what I know about heaven
Believing that you're all the way home
Knowing that you're somewhere better
Is all I need to let you go
I could hope that I could pray you back
But why on earth would I do that
When you're somewhere life and love never ends
Knowing what I know about heaven

This song expresses the great conflict we all face of giving up a loved one on this Earthly home for them to go to Heaven; where they are no longer in pain, and they are with Jesus with a perfect body in a perfect place. Even though they are in a better place, we still miss them and hurt, because we wish they were still here with us. Shellye, I know you are in a better place; and Diana and I will continue to be at your Mom's side. 

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