Monday, February 20, 2017

A Trip to Bountiful

Last week Diana and I got the chance to go to Franklin, Tennessee, to babysit Anja and Isabel while Greg and Lisa took a trip to Canada. Even though is was a short trip, it was a very abundant trip with great emotions on different levels.

Isabel - just being charming!
First, we got to spend a lot of quality time with my two precious granddaughters. Isabel, at 7 months old, is one of the most perfect babies ever. She has a smile that will melt your heart. She will cuddle with you and laugh with you. She is a very easy baby to keep. The only thing we found was that she was not as easy to feed as we were told. She liked her bottle much more than she liked food.

Anja is two years five months with wild hair and is so funny and "smart." We had a blast playing with her. She loves to be read to. We played with her stuffed animals - Micky Mouse, Peppa Pig, and some other animal. We had a tea party, played with her shopping cart and flash cards, and played in her kitchen. We built  towers with her blocks. She loves her blankets (Binky). Bed time is not her favorite time.

Anja and her "Binky"

Second, I had done research on the Taylor family before we ever went up there. I had the idea that we were going to do some genealogy while we were there. Thursday while Anja was at daycare, Diana, Isabel, and I went about an hour north east of Franklin to an area that was once a thriving community - Taylorsville. This community was named after my GGGGF. We found the original home that was built in the early 1800's. (I will do another post about the house and family - I promise.) We went to about five old family cemeteries. We never confirmed that the Taylors were buried in any of them. I think one was a great possibility. We talked to three interesting people while there - a neighbor lady with strange dogs, a farmer with a rifle in his hand as we talked, and an extremely nice lady mail carrier. We will come back to this area on another trip to Tennessee.
Taylor Cabin - Built in 1805

Cemetery with greatest possibility of Taylor burial ground.
Third, Diana and I had fun being together. You would think that as much as we are already together, how much more can we do or experience differently. We had several laugh-out-loud, belly laughs with hot flashes or tears or both, that most people do not get to experience very often. We had atleast one of these each day that we were there. We got to eat at the historical Loveless Diner and the Sunset Diner. Both of these meals were worth writing home about.

Other than sleeping with one-eye-opened, as she called it, this was a trip to bountiful!

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